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Invasion of the Asians
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Invasion of the Asians

Remember the article I recently posted called Extinction Does Impact Humans? Well, there is a real, current threat that has already overtaken the American waters and that now threatens to invade the rest of the Great Lakes: the Asian carp. And it’s a very destructive one.

This fish knows no boundaries. Although they were introduced only in certain areas because the Americans needed to control plant and lake and river wildlife in these areas, they have successfully escaped and are invading other lakes and rivers – due to a flood in the 1990s. At the present time, they have dominated the Mississippi river and are starting to take over Lake Michigan. This could lead to dominance of all five great lakes and, eventually, a very large part of the Canadian water system as well. And we never asked for this.

Although the process is slow – the first species of Asian carp was imported to the United States back in 1963 – this could lead to destruction of other species, perhaps mostly plant life as they are herbivores. However, what poses an even bigger threat than the fish – which can overtake any other species in their immediate area – is the product authorities wish to use to prevent the invasion from entering Canada and to stop the carps in the United States waters: Rotenone. This toxic substance was approved for use in the 1930s, and have been kept in storage, may be used again. However, the Asian carp isn’t the only fish that will be killed in the process: all species of fish will die along with it. Is this really necessary?

The Canadians want to spend 17.5 millions to research and prevent the fish from coming into our waters. But, other than building an actual wall to keep them out, the toxicant is the only solution. For now, the only two species that they know have entered are the silver carp – which jump so high they are a threat to boaters (see video – get ready to laugh; it’s actually quite humorous) – and the bighead carp. This is done with electrical fencing that capture DNA of the underwater species that swim in a certain body of water. Their plan: detect and poison. Ouch.

Or, since we don’t have another solution, it’s let them be, then watch when (not if as we are already almost completely certain of this) other species die…


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Image credit: Tobias Akerboom (at hutmeelz)

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  1. kristo
    voted! Walking along Lake Ontario beach it is easy to find dead carp - there are so many! The great lakes have so many intrusive species, if the carp are removed the lampreys will next and so forth until the lakes are dead. Either the carp do the job of emptying the great lakes of life, or humans do.
    1. SnakeWitch
      Oh and the number of other complaints we could have about what is happening in the great lakes... there are too many to know where to start. Thanks for the vote!
  2. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog and I love the video! Highly acrobatic fish. I don't know what the solution is, it is very tricky (I must admit, when I saw the title of this blog I thought it was going to be an anti-immigration rant, hahaha! And I couldn't imagine what place that would have on a vegan website!)
    1. SnakeWitch
      The point was to make the title an attention-grabber and I don't know if it will work well, so let's wait and see if I get a major amount of votes... !
      1. Veganara
        It's OK, I know, I was only joking! I do that with my titles as well, I often make them quite silly and provocative, to get people's attention. Let' s hope you make Top Posts with this blog, it is definitely a subject people need to know about.
      2. Shabs Online
        Shabs Online
        A post that definitely deserves, be on top....great points u made....very informative! voted dear!
  3. Nitmat
    Very Nice Subject with a catchy headline ! Voted!
  4. sweedly
    In Florida these fish have become a real problem. They were brought in my the government to help clear out the plant life that was clogging the waterways and canals, but now are crowding out native fish. There is one type of non-native fish that actually burrows into the river banks to protect themselves from the cold weather. I think they are called walking catfish also know for their ability to cross dry land. Voted.


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