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Interior Decoration For Health And Beauty
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Interior Decoration For Health And Beauty

Last spring, I attended a local House and Garden event, where I learned all kinds of information about organic gardening as well as using plants as main decorative items for interior decoration. One concept that, I felt, was especially interesting, is container gardening. It is perfect for city environments as well as small homes, such as apartments, condos, and townhouses. It can also beautify business environments and hospitals in order to reduce stress and intimidation.

City life can be fun and exciting. But it can also be quite stressful as well as hazardous to one's health. Also, many people in the city tend to miss the greenery as well as the healthy attributes that such greenery can bring to one's home and personal health. Many cities are now creating a garden or container garden on their building rooftop for a meditative Zen environment, allowing their residents to relax and meditate without a need to move to the suburb or the countryside. It is also healthier for the environment as well as it brings a certain aesthetic pleasure to the often polluted, contaminated and congested life of a city.

A container garden can be your main decoration piece of a room, whether the entryway, cozy family room, elegant living room, or hallway. Just make sure you choose the right style of container and pots that best fit your home's architectural style or that specific room's style. Make note of the colors of that room, the period style of the home, personal style, and/or a specific style that you wish to create for a specific reason, such as elevate mood or improve health issues. Make a checklist of colors, hues and matte finish as well as a list of different styles, such as terra cotta pots, cement, wooden types, brick, limestone, granite, marble, and tile to help you better organize and coordinate that particular room.

Tall plants can be used as walls, screen walls, or room dividers to better organize lofts or beautify warehouses turned into homes. You can create your own private nook area, or just create more rooms that are needed in an unstructured and spatial room. Such walls might be glass, metal, masonry, wooden, plastic, wicker, brass, or any other material. Small plants can decorate coffee tables, side tables, bedrooms, bathrooms, windows, entryway tables, and front door areas.

Also consider what kinds of plants thrive better in you particular environment. Some plants need a particular amount of water, sun, lighting, shade, and/or room temperature. Other plants need a particular soil or a particular climate. Choose the right plants and containers that you can handle as well as best fits your particular room style.

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  1. sweedly
    I totally agree, having plants in the home or in a business creates a natural feeling, plus the act of watering the plants keeps moisture in the air which is good for ones health. I have plants in my home and like your idea of putting them in decorative and colorful pots, which would add style to any room. Voted.


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