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4 Fascinating Must-Read Vegan Magazines
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4 Fascinating Must-Read Vegan Magazines

The internet is filled with wonderful resources for vegans. But sometimes, it is nice to have a physical connection to what we learn. Fortunately, the magazine industry is still flourishing!

Rather than sift through generic health and nutrition magazines for small glimmers of vegan-friendly information, why not pick up a publication that is devoted entirely to the subject?

Here are four great vegan reading suggestions.

Vegan Health & Fitness

Vegan Health & Fitness is one of the newer publications on our list. One reader commented that he is looking forward to watching the magazine grow and evolve.

While it is new, it isn’t lacking in sustenance. In addition to all vegan lifestyle mainstays—recipes—it also features inspiring, motivating, encouraging and uplifting stories.

For about $20 a year, you can get six issues of this wonderful publication.

Vegetarian Times

Because of the title, you might be tempted to pass over this suggestion. But that would be a terrible idea! The content generally leans more toward the vegetarian side of things, but serious vegans will appreciate the writing too.

Each publication includes things like:

  • Information about eco-friendly products and services
  • Editorials and interviews with famous wellness experts, doctors and nutritionists
  • Political awareness information
  • Vegan news
  • Book and product reviews
  • Updates on international vegan events

The overall goal of the magazine is to encourage smart, healthy living. A yearly subscription is only $15—and you get a whopping 9 issues!

The Vegan

Published by The Vegan Society, this magazine was voted “Best Vegan-Friendly Magazine” at the UK Vegan Awards in 2013.

Published four times a year and costing about $30, this publication will bring you all the industry essentials. You’ll have access to healthy, delicious recipes; all the latest vegan news; diet tips and suggestions; and vegan product reviews. As an added bonus, the magazine only publishes ads from ethical companies.

American Vegan

American Vegan, a non-profit organization, publishes a magazine by the same name. This publication shares three issues per year (and has a $20 price tag).

The magazine encourages veganism based on ethical, health, and environmental reasons. It also provides the necessary scientific proof to back up the claims.

In addition to recipes and book reviews, the magazine also provides tips regarding the philosophical and practical issues of a vegan lifestyle.

If you join American Vegan, you’ll get the magazine for free and a discount on all book purchases. Additional, past issues are for sale—dating all the way back to 1960.

Set a Healthy Precedent

Us vegans are few and far between! Sometimes, it can feel like we are operating in a vacuum. That’s why it is so valuable to be in community with other people who have the same outlook on life.

To learn more about the best magazine suggestions to make, we contacted Priority One Clearing Service—a magazine subscription clearing house. Since they oversee millions of magazine subscriptions each year, they’ve become experts in various niches. The Priority One Clearing staff routinely makes suggestions regarding reading material.

We sought the help from Priority One Clearing Services in particular because they have a MAD (Make a Difference) List. A portion of all the subscriptions made from that list are given to charity.

Living a vegan lifestyle is about more than just caring for animals. It is about being ethical in all areas of life. If you can grab a vegan magazine subscription that is also helping charity, it is a win-win situation.

Check out some of these publications. Come back and tell us what you think!

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