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Indonesian Traditional Salad: Gado-Gado
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Indonesian Traditional Salad: Gado-Gado

Have you visited Indonesia before?

Indonesia is large country and enriched with so many ethnics. Each ethnic brings its own uniqueness, including its foodJ. One of ethnic is betawi, Sudanese, Javanese. Have you ever heard gado-gado, or lotek? Those kinds of food are traditional salad from Indonesia. I can describe how gado-gado looks like. It is a spicy Asian vegetarian and vegan salad served with tofu, potatoes, carrot, string bean, cabbage. You can mix other veggies you like. What makes this salad so special is its sauce made from spicy peanut, origin from Indonesia. Indonesian gado-gado salad also usually uses tempe and is served with crispy fried crackers. I'll give you the best traditional recipe I've ever tasted:

Ingredients you need:

Fried tofuShredded or chopped green vegetables such as cabbage, watercress, and bean sprouts, sliced vegetables such young boiled jack fruit, string bean, bitter melon, and cucumber, sliced boiled potatoes.All the veggies are boiled or steamed and only cucumber is raw.

Peanut sauce dressing :


Ground fried peanuts with most of the oil drained offCoconut sugar/palm sugar (can substitute brown sugar)Chilies (according to taste)Limo lime juice (this is indispensible)Tamarind water.Garlic

Prepare the dressing by placing the garlic, peanuts, soy sauce, lime or lemon juice, sugar, cayenne and water in a blender and blending until smooth. If the dressing seems too thick, add another teaspoon of water.

Serve all the veggies and tofu also the spicy nut on top. Don't forget the traditional crackers

I bet you that you'll fall in love with Gado-gado.

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  1. kristo
    Holy smokes! I live in Indonesia and this recipe looks a lot nicer than a lot of the Gado Gado that you will find in local warung's because often times shrimp is not seen as vegetarian, and there are unfortunate fish surprises :( The peanut sauce and jackfruit make this dish and your peanut sauce recipe looks really good!
  2. Akanksha
    I had a vegetarian (not Vegan) friend visit Indonesia and had a little trouble finding veg food everywhere. It was available but not easily.


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