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India Bans Foie Gras
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India Bans Foie Gras

Foie gras is no longer allowed in India! This is a great initiative to not only bring about awareness of the cruel animal practices surrounding this so-called French delicacy, but will hopefully also encourage other countries around the world to do the same. So, why should foie gras be banned? Read on to discover…

  • 'Torture in a Tin'

Foie gras, although it might sound exotic and interesting, is really liver taken from ducks (and sometimes geese). In order to make foie gras, the ducks have to be fattened up by being force-fed. The animals are kept in small cages and they have metal tubes stuffed down their throats so that they can have food, such as grain, pumped into their stomachs. This horrific practice makes the animals’ livers increase up to ten times in size, which is further excruciating for the animals that are then later slaughtered. No wonder foie gras has been named 'torture in a tin.'

  • No More Cruelty!

The ban in India was encouraged by animal activists who were raising their voices about this animal cruelty. Back in 2012, an activist group from London called Animal Equality started a campaign to protest against this animal cruelty after they discovered the inhumane practices that were occurring in a European production facility. In India, Animal Equity stated that foie gras was alarmingly being promoted by many upscale restaurants at an increasing rate, which is why they wanted the ban to be issued.

  • Setting a New Animal-Friendly Rule

This is not the first time that foie gras has been banned somewhere in the world. Its production has already been barred in countries such as England, Germany and Israel, among others. However, India has taken one step further by not only banning selling and production of foie gras, but also all importation!

They’re definitely setting a good example!

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  1. VeganMommy360
    Great news, I hope other countries follow suit.
  2. VeganMommy360
    Great news, I hope other countries follow suit.


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