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I'm a Vegan. Now What the Heck am I?
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I'm a Vegan. Now What the Heck am I?

Veganism is only continuing to become a more popular choice, not only in North America, but all around the world. More people are becoming interested in it and opting to take on this lifestyle, but the big question people often have is - what is a vegan?


Being a vegan basically means you are a very strict vegetarian. You follow the same general principles as a vegetarian by not eating meat, but up the ante a bit too. Vegans also exclude dairy products from their diet, therefore abstaining from the use of all animal products.


People often make the mistake of assuming a vegan and vegetarian diet is the same thing, when it is not. Of course, just to make it harder on all of us, there are other side versions of the vegetarian lifestyle to worry about too, including lacto-vegetarian and ovo-vegetarian. The first refers to one who does include dairy products in their diet but not eggs, while the latter is basically the opposite, including eggs but excluding meat and dairy.


To follow a strict vegan diet, it can take quite an investment of time and effort on your part. Avoiding meat, eggs and dairy products seems relatively easy enough, but avoiding all animal-derived ingredients is often a lot easier said than done. You need to read labels and do research to ensure the products you're consuming not only are meat, egg and dairy free, but also not tested on or derived from animals. Vegans also include these morals in their general lifestyle, such as in the clothes they wear and skin or hair care products they use. It can take some work and is certainly a big adjustment for most people to make, but the payoff is huge if these are food preferences and morales you take seriously.


There is no single reason for someone to become a vegan. Man or woman, old or young, whether you choose to follow a vegan lifestyle for moral, religious, or health reasons, it is up to you and is your decision. At least now you know what it means to be a vegan and can more easily decide if this is the right way of living for you.

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  1. Akanksha
    Good Post Michelle...I specially loved the image used :) Did you create it yourself?
  2. dianabart
    Love it! :)
  3. Fearless Vegan
    Being vegan is not a binary issue of either health or ethics..animal based diet is the single largest contributor to a host of world wide problems such as global warming,water scarcity,deforestation,soil degradation,etc not to mention the impact of both non vegan & vegetarian diets that consist of milk or GMOs could have on your can we afford to turn the other way when people as young as 30 -35 get suffer strokes or heart attacks due to obesity?All lifestyle diseases can be prevented & reversed through a vegan diet.It starts with our food choices & extends to other aspects of our lifestyles because that's the perception of veganism that has built up in people -that it is primarily a diet.Correction,it is abstaining from exploitation.Chucking eggs & milk is infact tougher than buying green cars & walking .People associate sustainable living with use of alternative energy resources.However ,as Eriyah Flynn of Coalition for Planetary Healh & Peace so aptly says,"a vegan on a hummer does less damage than a non vegan tree hugger" or something to that effect..these perceptions about the actual impact of individual lifestyles need to be changed.People don't care unless they are directly affected which is why if there is a bird flu scare,overnight people quit eating eggs.Nobody cares for the rain forests but they do care about the river that choked up & led to flooding during the monsoons.People should be able to co relate how our collective choices impact our day to day lives.Changing attitudes come with threat perceptions.People do not feel threatened yet about the implications of their food choices for themselves.Your article is too simplistic but I think for someone who's new to this whole vegan thingie,it's!Please read my article "Extraordinary Deed or Every Ordinary Man's Moral Obligation"..if you resonate with leave your comments..look forward to interacting..:)


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