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How to Use Veganuary to Jumpstart a Vegan Year!
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How to Use Veganuary to Jumpstart a Vegan Year!

If you’ve been following a vegan lifestyle for the month of January, you still have approximately two weeks to keep making a success of it. But, think ahead: why not turn your vegan test-drive into a full-blown vegan 2015? You can do this by following some tips for the rest of the month.

  • Play with Your Food

Now that you’re eating a vegan diet, experiment with fruits and vegetables that keep your eating plan free of boredom. Go online and find recipes that are creative and stimulating. They will show you just how delicious a plant-based diet can be and that you don’t have to eat the same veggies every day (French fries, we mean you!).

  • Conquer the Cravings

When you quit smoking, you experience cravings. When you quit an unhealthy diet, you’ll also have cravings. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing the vegan diet wrong - it’s just your body getting used to something different and that takes time. Stay ahead of cravings that might sneak up on you by stocking your pantry with lots of delicious vegan treats.

  • Focus on What You Do Have

When going vegan, you might be thinking of all that your diet is missing, such as dairy milk in your morning coffee, a hamburger for dinner, and so on. But this way of thinking will only make you feel depressed and lack motivation. As with any lifestyle change, concentrate on what you’re gaining (such as a healthy body) and what you DO get to enjoy in your diet: healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that are satisfying. This shift in your thinking pattern can make a huge difference to your diet success.

  • Keep a Diary

Having a record of how your vegan diet is going will alert you to any changes you should make in order to feel happy and healthy. For instance, if you’re missing dairy or feeling lethargic, get your hands on nut milks to spruce up your meals or add more protein to your daily eating plan. If you’re feeling like you’re constantly hungry, add slow-release carbs to your diet, such as sweet potatoes for lunch instead of bread. It's going to be a bit of trial-and-error when you first get started, so keeping a diary can help you get better as you go along. *Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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