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How to Survive Vacationing with Family Vegan Style in the United States
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How to Survive Vacationing with Family Vegan Style in the United States

Are you partially dreading that summer vacation? Eating on the road can be difficult for vegans. Especially, when traveling with children. So, why not take some of the stress out of traveling by packing some of your meals. I've written a similar article previously, concentrating mostly on restaurants. However, many of the ideas in this article are a little outside the box of possibilities for traditional vacationing dining, but who says we have to stay in a neat little box?

Homemade Frozen Meals – It is possible to order vegan meals ahead on some flights. However, when time does not allow you to pre-order a vegan meal or flights that are too short to serve meals, consider packing your own. True all containers on flights must be 3 ounces or less. Consider packing precooked frozen vegan enchiladas or a hearty precooked pasta salad. In flight, you can order hot water for tea and use the tea water to thaw the entrees. This can also be done when traveling by rail or automobile. By automobile, stop at a rest stop and heat the water over a campstove.

Campstove or Grill Meals – Oatmeal, bean soups and pasta can be prepared over a campstove. Many rest stops across the United States have grills where you can easily grill vegan burgers, summer squash, peaches, corn-on-the-cobb and etc...

Quick Food Possibilities - Hummus and vegan bread, fresh fruit, rice pudding prepared in advance, bran muffins, raw veggies, precooked beans, sandwiches, nuts, almond or peanut butter with pretzels or whole grain graham crackers, and trail mix.

Convenience Store Ideas – Some convenience stores are carrying almond, rice or other vegan alternative milk. Beans, fruits and vegetables in pop-top cans are often available or pack your own manual can opener. Yes, they still make those! Trail mix, prepackaged nuts and pretzels are readily available.

Grab A Quick Bite – Consider eating at a restaurant with a salad bar, purchase a veggie sandwich from Panerra Bread or Subway, eat a bean burrito from Taco Bell, order a cheese-less pizza from most pizza restaurants or order a baked potato and/or other vegetables from most restaurants. Piccadillys and Morrisons are located at many malls across the United States and serve loads of vegetables, just be sure to ask the ingredients before placing the item on your tray.

Perhaps, with a little planning ahead, your family vacation can be a relaxing trip without the worry of "What's For Supper/Breakfast/Dinner?"


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Carolyn
    Please feel free to add your own travel ideas. Thanks!
    1. pftsusan
      This is a great article. You can also stop by a Whole Foods Store. They are in all 50 US States and in many countries. You should be able to eat vegan there, at the store too. They have an inside store restaurant where they serve their food up until 5pm or so.
  2. dianabart
    Awesome blog. Thanks Carolyn Voted! :)
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Diana!
  3. Sheila Ray
    Mmmmm, hummus! Personal favorite. voted...
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Sheila!
  4. SnakeWitch
    I often opt for the vegan soup, or a veggie side dish, with french fries, in several restaurants on the road. As for bringing easy-to-cook stuff, I see you mentioned pasta and I want to add rice vermicelli to that. Not only is it cheap, it only needs to soak in hot water for a few minutes and it's done. I swear by it. Add whatever sauce you want to them because they go great with anything. Voted! Did you have a chance to see my Delightful Poutine article?
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks rice vermicelli is a great idea. When traveling with children, especially, you have got to have something quick and easy. Again thanks for the suggestion and vote! Headed over to look at it now!
      1. SnakeWitch
        After finding a way to get them out the bag without making a bit of a mess, you're good to go with those!
  5. Veganara
    Great article Carolyn. I am out of votes for today, but I'll come back and vote for this tomorrow.
    1. Carolyn
      Thanks Veganara!
      1. Veganara
        Vote no 8. Congrats on making Top Posts!


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