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How to Override the Cons of a Vegan Diet
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How to Override the Cons of a Vegan Diet

Vegan diets often crop up in the news, with people writing about their good - and not so good - characteristics. So, what are some of the common cons associated with a vegan diet? Read on to discover them as well as gain tips on how to prevent them from becoming obstacles on your path to healthier, ethical living.

  • Vegan Diets: Are They Risky if You Have Certain Medical Conditions? 

It has been said that if you go vegan this choice can pose certain risks if you have medical conditions such as diabetes, and consulting with your physician is always a good idea when making drastic changes to your diet. However, vegan diets can actually benefit such health conditions. For instance, in the case of diabetes studies have shown that a low-fat diet rich in plant-based foods can improve your body’s receptiveness to insulin, keeping your blood sugar steady.

  • It’s Tough to Find Vegan Food When Dining Out... Right?  

This is one of the common cons associated with vegan diets, but the truth is that it’s changing a lot! Since vegan numbers are increasing, so are vegan outlets, cafes, bistros and restaurants. There are also more vegan choices in non-vegan restaurants, with research pointing to how vegan diets are actually becoming mainstream. So you have no excuse if you feel like eating out tonight! 

  • Vegan Diets Are Always Healthy... Or Are They? 

This one is a con definitely worth paying attention to! There is a misconception that going vegan means you’re instantly healthier, but this is not always the case. If you’re relying on foods packaged as 'vegan' but they are actually marinating in sugar and fat, then your diet is not nutritious. Likewise, if you’re only relying on a few vegan foods, such as pasta and bread, then you’re not ensuring a healthy, well-balanced diet. The key to beating this con is to fill your diet with a variety of nutritious foods and allow yourself to be creative with your meals.  

  • Plant-Based Iron: Is it a Problem?  

You’ve heard that you might be lacking in vitamins such as B12 on a vegan diet, but iron is also a possible problem. The reason for this is that plant-based iron doesn’t get absorbed by the body as much as the iron from animal products. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening: eat Vitamin C and iron together to increase iron absorption. For instance, squeeze lemon juice over beans or eat strawberries with your quinoa. Problem sorted! 

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