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How to Make the Most of a Pegan Diet
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How to Make the Most of a Pegan Diet

By now you've probably met the pegan diet that combines a vegan and paleo diet in one. Whether or not you have, the pegan diet can be a great way to start striking more balance with your diet and get on the healthy path.  

  • Break it Down 

Okay, so you know that a vegan diet is about cutting out all animal-derived products from your diet. But what’s the paleo diet all about? Basically, it’s about eating what our cavemen ancestors added to their diets, without any modern foods. So, it would include eating veggies, fruits, nuts, and meat. The present-day foods that you would avoid include dairy, beans, grains, sugar, gluten and vegetable oils. You might be wondering how vegan and paleo can work together if meat is allowed on the paleo diet, right? Well, read on... 

  • The Skinny on Meat

The trick of the pegan diet is that it takes the great stuff from both vegan and paleo, focusing on eating foods that are as natural as possible without being processed. It means you can sneak meat into your eating plan - but only in small amounts. The idea is to use meat as a condiment to your meals, not as the entire meal. For example, you could add strips of bacon or chicken to your salads. If you can’t go full-vegan right now, the pegan diet allows a bit more flexibility without loss of a healthy diet.

  • Benefits of Pegan Diet

The essential thing to bear in mind is that the pegan helps you return to a healthier, simpler way of eating. It’s a great way to ease into a full-blown vegan diet if that’s your ultimate goal and start living with more nutrition in mind. To get the most benefits from your pegan diet and keep it as healthy as possible, follow these tips:

  • Eat low-GI. By choosing low-glycemic foods, you can help maintain your energy levels all day. This is also good for diabetics as it keeps your blood sugar levels in a good place.
  • Boost your good fat intake. Vegetable oils are not allowed in the paleo diet but this is a good reason to include healthier fats into your diet, such as olive oil, coconut and avocados that are a great source of omega-3s. 
  • Ditch the dairy. Both diets have the dairy-free tip in common so that you avoid hormones and antibiotics in milk. The vegan benefit of no dairy is that you're also kinder to livestock!  
  • Say good riddance to processed foods. Anything with chemicals, genetically modified ingredients, added sugars, preservatives, dyes or additives has to go! This is a great way to make your diet healthy across the board.



*Image courtesy Andrey Starostin / Dollar Photo Club

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  1. Support
    A thoughtful report on a fascinating new phenomena! Thanks for posting, Giulia.
  2. katkar
    Veganism is not a diet, but an ethical and environmentally responsible way of life anchored in a strong set of values. If a diet willfully includes animal products such as meat, especially when it is a reasonable choice to avoid meat, such a diet is not vegan or plant-based, period. Even if meat is eaten in small quantities, it is coming from cruel, unethical practices such as livestock farming, or hunting wild animals with modern weapons. I am of the view that we should stick to the core principles of our social and environmental movement, and steer clear of endorsing gimmicky diets.
  3. beachgurl
    I have never heard of a Pegan diet, which is odd, since I am both a vegan and a nutritionist. And I am really having trouble wrapping my head around this post, and this concept. . As part of this community, I have to agree with Anupam. Adding a little bit of meat here and there doesn't address the cruel practices of factory farming. As far as the list of foods, I agree that sugar is not a heath food, and depending on where your wheat comes from it can cause an allergic reaction for many people. But I won't be recommending adding a little bacon to anyone's salad, vegan or not. I get where Paleo is coming from, but I can't imagine any vegan drifting from a healthy vegan meal plan to Pegan. If a vegan is eating well, without grabbing convenience foods, they are probably at the epitome of health.
  4. Mick
    How the hell can this be called the flaming vegan then promote eating meat. For shame on you!
    1. beachgurl
      Agree. A vegan does not eat Pegan.
  5. davy99london
    Has your website been hacked? Or are you really encouraging people to have animals killed for them to eat? Please stick to vegan information, thanks David
    1. Support
      David: Of course, we prefer a world where animals aren't food, here at The Flaming Vegan. We're not endorsing any particular diet by allowing this piece to be published on the site. The Flaming Vegan is a site for vegans, vegetarians, and the v-curious, and so we understand that the path to a plant-based diet comes from all sorts of directions. While we do advocate for veganism, we thought it appropriate to let the blogger explore the "Pegan" diet on the site because the trend seems newsworthy, and potentially of particular interest to our readers. We still hold tight to our tofu around here. This trend simply seems worth a conversation. We're glad you asked!
    2. katkar
      Yeah, would you believe it? Meanwhile, a number of my articles have been rejected without any valid reason specified, and rejected again upon re-submission. These are posts about polite, positive activism, scientific findings about veganism and the environment, ideas for sticking with a vegan lifestyle, etc. My latest to be rejected was about how Tesla Motors stockholders urged the Board to have leather-free options in their cars, and then distributed DVD's of Cowspiracy. Even business magazines covered this, and a vegan site certainly should have. I'd have thought that news like this is of more relevance to vegans. Instead, what in their judgement is more interesting to their audience? A "pegan" diet. Talk about dropping the ball ... :) Needless to say, I am going to use or create a different forum for advocating veganism. TFV has been a disappointing experience. And I can't, for the life of me, figure out why they'd do something like this.
      1. beachgurl
        I have had the same experience as CarnistsSay and I also can't figure out how this ended up on Flaming Vegan. I feel like a dog with a bone for commenting so much, but I thought this blog spot was a haven/soundboard/resource/commentary/etc for people who didn't eat meat. Period.
  6. Veganist
    I visit this site to read the recipes and articles and comments. I enjoy reading all I can about the vegan lifestyle. I am disappointed that this Pegan article is on this site. I don't believe it should be on here, unless to point out the unhealthy choices it makes, or to correct the notion that a little bacon and chicken is ok--NOT. I wouldn't expect to read about cigarette smoking a little is OK on the American Lung or Heart websites, so why is this on here? I don't buy that it is to inform us about the Pegan diet. That is a cop out and has lowered my opinion of this site. We all know how to navigate and look up information on other eating and dieting lifestyles and choices. It leaves me with a sick feeling and a turned up lip and nose. The picture is even disgusting.
  7. Lissyjaie
    This is the most ridiculous article. Why have an article encouraging animal cruelty on a vegan website. Shame on you!
  8. Delia
    When I saw the headline I figured it would be to explain how a vegan could follow certain guidelines to eliminate the processed food in their diet to make it more paleo friendly not to include non-vegan items. I would think it would have to exclude all non-vegan items in order to be considered 'the best of vegan plus something else' because the best of vegan - well the one thing that the vegan diet is, is excluding all animal products! And if I had read something along what I was expecting I would have thought that would be very healthy guidelines as processed food doesn't do anyone any favors. Of course excluding all the non-paleo foods from a vegan diet would make it nearly impossible to follow, as the vegan protein largely comes from beans and grains but cutting some of the other non-paleo foods out like processed food and potatoes (are they on the no-no list?) might be a good idea for many people.


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