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How to Make Sure Your Fashion is Vegan
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How to Make Sure Your Fashion is Vegan

In an effort to be as animal-friendly as possible, there is a growing trend in the use of vegan clothing. However, one of the most common questions people have about vegan fashion is how they can make sure that their clothing is vegan and is not made of any material obtained from animals, be it domestic or wild. In other words, how do you know the waist training corsets you just bought is a real vegan fashion? Here’s how.

Know the Different Types of Vegan Materials

The very first thing you have to master or at least try to achieve a certain degree of proficiency is the ability to identify so-called vegan fashion materials. These can include polyester fleece, cotton, linen, jersey, acrylic, cotton flannel, and synthetic fabrics. It can also include nylon, rayon, polyester, denim, twill, microfiber, recycled plastic, pleather, canvas, viscose, faux fur, synthetic down, down alternative, man-made leather, and all other man-made or synthetic materials. 

Learn the Different Types of Animal-sourced Fashion Materials

If you know the different types of vegan materials, it is also crucial to memorize the different types of non-vegan clothing and fashion materials. These can include silk, angora, leather, pashmina, suede, cashmere, snakeskin, shearling, alpaca, mohair, camel hair, and wool. It can also include down, fleece, fur and fur trim, kangaroo skin, and alligator skin. Technically, any fashion material that is sourced from animals should be avoided if you want to really adhere to the strict code of vegan fashion. 

Check the Price

One of the easiest ways to differentiate a vegan fashion from a non-vegan fashion is the price. Here’s to give you an idea. If you saw a lovely leather boots that is “made” of crocodile skin being offered at a discounted price of only $25, do you think this is a very reasonable price for a footwear made of crocodile skin? In all likelihood, what you have is a pair of boot that is made of faux crocodile skin and not really the genuine skin. The same is true with clothing. A piece of clothing made of silk will typically be a lot more expensive than a similar piece of clothing made of polyester. 

Read the Label 

You can also check the label of the clothing or fashion product that you are considering on buying. Manufacturers typically print the composition of their product. For example, they may say it is made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent wool. You may overlook the “wool” part but this is an animal-sourced clothing material. This negates the concept of vegan fashion. So, look for labels that say they have 100 percent or even a combination of the vegan materials. For instance, you may have 90 percent cotton and 10 percent polyester. 

Ask the Sales Assistant 

Another way you can determine if a fashion item is vegan or not is to just ask the sales assistant. More often than not, she will tell you the kind of material used in the item.

Opting for vegan fashion is a choice. As such, you have to make sure to stand by this decision to save the animals and use only fashion with materials obtained from non-animal sources.

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