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How to Get to Puerto Madryn with a Low Carbon Footprint
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How to Get to Puerto Madryn with a Low Carbon Footprint

The city of Puerto Madryn is located in the Northwest of the Argentinean province of Chubut at the Golfo Nuevo and the Atlantic Ocean, South of the peninsula Valdés in the Argentine Patagonia. The town has a Welsh history with 150 Welsh immigrants arriving aboard the "Mimosa" on July 28th, 1865. The city was named after Loves Jones Parry who was the Baron of Madryn in Wales. It has an average temperature of 14 degrees with a maximum temperature of 35 degrees in summer and -5 degrees in winter. There is a low rainfall all year long which makes the landscape look dry and barren with bushes and shrubs, but few trees. Nowadays, the predominant industries in the Patagonian city are the production of aluminium, fishing and tourism, with whale watching being the most sought after attraction.

Your Carbon Footprint

When we are talking about our carbon footprint, we are referring to our contribution to global warming through the emission of greenhouse gases. Through every day activities we cause pollution: organizations through their commercial and industrial activities and people consuming their products and services. The production of plastic bottles, for instance, requires energy so with each plastic bottle we buy, we increase our carbon footprint.

When it comes to means of transport, we have to consider that the growth of your carbon footprint depends on your choice of transport. Walking and cycling are considered to be the most environmentally friendly way to get from A to B. Long distance trains are considered to be the means of transport with the lowest emissions of CO² with 0.02 metric tons for 1000km traveled while 0.03 metric tons of CO² are emitted by coaches. For the same distance, an average diesel car emits 0.22 metric tons. (this data can be calculated on the website, where you can also calculate your carbon footprint depending on your lifestyle.)

How to get to Puerto Madryn and which means of transport to choose:

You need to be aware that Argentina occupies a large territory, being the second-largest country in South America and the eight-largest country in the world. It stretches along the southern part of the continent from the northernmost point in the province of Jujuy, at the borders of Chile and Bolivia and the southernmost point in the province of Tierra del Fuego. The distance between Argentina's capital, Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn is 1389km.

From Puerto Madryn to the following cities, distances are as follows:

Buenos Aires 1450 km Caleta Valdés 179 km Comodoro Rivadavia 450 km Dique F. Ameghino 183 km El Calafate 1388 km Esquel 674 km Gaiman 81 km. Isla de los Pájaros 79 km. Puerto Pirámides 104 km Punta Delgada 174 km Punta Norte 171 km Punta Tombo 181 km Rawson 82 km Rio Gallegos 1235 km Rio Grande 1581 km Santa Cruz 992 km Trelew 67 km Ushuaia 1799 km Viedma 447 km

The train network in Argentina is not very developed and is not an option when traveling to Puerto Madryn. If you want to go by car from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, you can reach Puerto Madryn by taking the national route 3, which is completely paved. However, Argentina has an extensive bus network and traveling by bus, contrary to common belief is a surprisingly comfortable way of traveling, giving you opportunities to sleep with beds and semi-beds that can be booked. Apart from that it is fast and you can reach basically any destination in Argentina. Last but not least it is an environmentally-friendly means of transport, at least in comparison to cars, when considering carbon dioxide emissions per capita. The largest long-haul businesses that also head for Puerto Madryn are Andesmar, Chevallier and Via Bariloche. Costs from Buenos Aires to Puerto Madryn by bus are between 180-210 pesos. (the official inflation rate in Argentina was 9.7% in January 2012, however, Argentina is suspected of concealing the actual inflation rates and the private statistic institution PriceStats has calculated an inflation rate between 20 and 30%. This means that prices are increasing continuously and the prices for bus tickets are most likely going to be significantly higher in the following years).

Unfortunately, air transportation is the means of transport with the highest contribution to your carbon footprint. Airline companies with which you can travel are Aerolíneas Argentinas, Andes Líneas Aéreas and LADE. El Tehuelche Airport is situated 10 km northwest of downtown Madryn. Puerto Madryn can be reached by air through the Trelew Airport. Flights to Puerto Madryn are restricted by reason of environmental concerns.

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  1. Tiagoz
    This article has a lot of rich and interesting information. I am definitely planning on reducing my carbon footprint.
  2. bombom
    this is interesting but too many people are not aware of these problems yet and are not doing anything to reduce the environmental impact
  3. Deborah5
    Yeah, we all have to do it and than we will see the result. But we need to work together on it as a big team, the whole world!
    1. Jennifer Madison
      Jennifer Madison
      Thanks for your comment Deborah! Yes, it is true there are many little things we can do each and every day to reduce our carbon footprint. The result would be a greener and healthier planet!
  4. Santiago
    This is very interesting and as billions of people travel around the world every day, even travelers should be green, but we don`t see a lot of people worried about it. They only think about the big things but is also with small things that we build something big. I guess what I`m trying to say is that every detail is important. I found a good blog about the same subject: I want to share it as it can be hard to find good stuff sometimes. I hope you like it and enjoy green travel.


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