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How to Get More Views on Your Vegan Youtube Channel
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How to Get More Views on Your Vegan Youtube Channel

Do you have a vegan YouTube channel that just isn’t getting the recognition it deserves? Unfortunately, creating great content is no guarantee of YouTube success - you’ll also have to focus on branding, promotion, and collaboration with others.

Following the tips below should start to increase your view count pretty quickly, and will make a big difference if you stick with them long-term.

1. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

You might have created the best vegan cake recipe video ever, but if the thumbnail looks plain and boring, you won’t get many views. Use a thumbnail maker tool to combine images, text, and graphics for maximum effect. For example, you could show a picture of your finished cake, add the words, ‘Best Vegan Cake Ever’, and finish with a cute cake emoji. Make sure the thumbnail is an accurate representation of what’s in the video, or viewers could be disappointed. Creating a thumbnail template can make your channel look more consistent and help viewers to recognize your videos more easily.

2. Target the Right Keywords

You might have heard about targeting keywords on your website, but they’re just as important on YouTube. Think about what people will be searching for when they find your video, and make sure those terms are present in the title, description, and tags for your video. For example, if you’re making a video with beginner recipes, a keyword like, ‘easy vegan recipes’ would work well. Targeting more specific keywords can be effective when you’re a new channel since there’s less competition. For example, instead of ‘vegan cookies’, you could target, ‘gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies.’

3. Collaborate with Other Vegan YouTubers

Want to know the fastest way to get tons of views from people who are already interested in veganism? That’s right - collaborating with other vegan YouTubers. Start by engaging with other YouTubers in the comments of their videos and on social media. Once you’ve interacted a little, ask if they’d be interested in working together. You could meet up for a Q and A, tag each other in challenges, or create a joint recipe video. Make sure you’re a genuine fan of YouTubers you reach out to or you’ll make a bad impression.

4. Promote Your Channel on Social Media

Social media is one of the best places to engage with viewers and promote your YouTube channel. Create an account and link to it in the description of all your videos, then use it to tease new content, show sneak previews, and chat with your fans. On Twitter, use relevant hashtags to promote new videos and try connecting with other vegan content creators - there’s a good chance they’ll then retweet your content. On Facebook, you can post your videos to vegan pages and interact with others. Instagram is a great place to share video previews in your stories, and you can also give viewers an insight into your everyday life.

Don’t give up on your vegan YouTube channel because it doesn’t have many views yet! If you focus on creating great content and promoting it well, you’ll soon be on your way to success.

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