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How to Fake it in the Movies
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How to Fake it in the Movies

Actors portray characters that can be wildly different from themselves. Shy actors play extroverts, sweethearts in real life play snobs and heartless jerks and some even switch gender. But what does a vegan or vegetarian actor do when their character is called upon to eat meat? Why, they fake it, of course! Here’s some movie trivia about how actors have handled meat eating situation. Warning – Possible Spoilers Ahead!

1. Tallahassee may have been obsessed with Twinkies in the movie Zombieland, but the actor who portrayed him, Woody Harrelson, is a famed vegan. To get around this the filmmakers prepared vegan Twinkies made with corn meal and other animal friendly ingredients.

2. Tobey Maguire, a vegetarian, ate a tofu hot dog during the montage when he didn’t use his Spidey-powers in Spider-Man 2.

3. Kal Penn, a vegetarian and one half of the hilarious duo in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, ate veggie burgers when they finally reached their destination.

4. In the brilliant film Network, vegetarian Arthur Burghardt stuffed his cheeks with paper towels and smeared grease on his face to give the effect that his character was eating KFC, instead of actually eating any pieces.

5. Though Uncle Rico loved his steaks in Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Gries would actually spit out the meat after he chewed it which is why he always brings a napkin up to his face.

6. Peter Dinklage, before his witty turn as Tyrion Lannister on the Game of Thrones, played the titular role in The Station Agent where his character is seen eating some beef jerky. As a vegetarian, Dinklage is, in fact, eating tofu jerky.

7. Woody Harrelson pops up again, this time in The Hunger Games. During mealtime scenes, Haymitch is seen only eating veggies or dessert or he just drinks, which is what Haymitch does best.

8. For those portraying zombies in The Walking Dead who eschew meat, the intestines they eat are made with vegetarian stuffing.

9. Though they still used real lobster shells, Daryl Hannah insisted they take out the meat and fill them with tofu for her on the set of Splash. She cried after every take for the lives of the lobsters who provided the shells.

10. It’s not just meat that a vegan has to be concerned with. Joaquin Phoenix insisted all his “leather” outfits in movies like Gladiator, Quills, and Walk the Line be made from animal-friendly alternatives.

What other instances do you know of a veggie actor faking it? Comment below and let us know!

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    The Flaming Vegan Crew
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    1. Mercury
      Aww! Thanks guys! You're the best :-)
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    Such a well written, fun, & informative article. Thanks!
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    Eve Sherrill York
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