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5 Quick Tips for How to Eat Vegan When You’re Not at a Vegan Venue
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5 Quick Tips for How to Eat Vegan When You’re Not at a Vegan Venue

You might have been invited to an occasion that is set in a non-vegan venue but don’t fret or go hungry. There are ways in which you can stick to your vegan diet and enjoy yourself. Here are some ideas.

  • 1. Get Breakfast Bliss

If you’re having a breakfast, this is often your easiest options for finding vegan foods on the menu. Items such as fruit, granola and bagels are available to you without much fuss.

  • 2. Check out the Side Menus

Restaurants usually have vegetarian platters consisting of vegetable side dishes such as corn, steamed broccoli or potatoes. However, make sure that no butter was used in the dish preparation. Always read through the side dishes section of the menu to see what’s offered - there are usually vegan options there!

  • 3. Create Your Own Dish

Some meals contain meat or other animal products but they can be tailored by you simply by leaving these out. For instance, if you are interested in ordering a salad but it has halloumi cheese, ask for the cheese not to be added. Likewise, a delicious wrap with cucumbers, tomatoes, hummus and chicken can be prepared without the chicken. A good tip if you’re worried that your specifications won’t be given the proper attention: say that you’re allergic to the ingredient you’re hoping to avoid. The chef is sure to take this seriously.

  • 4. Ask for a Vegan Menu

You might feel silly doing this, but you could be pleasantly surprised. Some restaurants do have a vegetarian/vegan menu that they only bring out upon request, so it's worth a shot.

  • 5. Eat Ethnic Cuisine

If you’re at a Mexican, Thai, or Indian restaurant, you’re in luck! Many of these meals will have vegan options or be really easy to alter so that you can enjoy a delicious vegan treat. For instance, many Indian dishes are based on ingredients such as rice or lentils, while you can enjoy a variety of noodle-based dishes in Chinese cuisine.

*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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