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How to Do a Proper Juicing Fast
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How to Do a Proper Juicing Fast

Juicing fasts are not unknown of, and more and more people are taking the chance and giving it a shot. And, unfortunately, fail. But, this is avoidable. One just needs to know how to do it.

There are several reasons to do this fast. Even though it is mostly used to lose weight, some have used it for drastic changes in their lifestyles, such as learning to become vegan or getting over drinking and drug addictions. This is the way to clean the slate and start fresh.

I was reminded of this drastic weight-loss method by the show Mike and Molly, and have seen how much they put it down. It is by far not the only way to lose weight, but most people add it to the list of risky and unhealthy methods because it is a quick way to shed off the unwanted pounds. However, there are many facts that are overlooked when trying this safe, reliable, and often misunderstood technique.

First, one needs to remember that this is not the ‘starving-oneself’ way of losing weight. Quite the contrary; when doing a juicing fast, NEVER let yourself go hungry. Keep drinking. The important thing to remember is that you need to ingest only liquids. The number of calories you drink don’t count – not one bit – because the purpose of sticking to liquids is to give your stomach a break and let the rest of your body take charge. How does this work? Well, all the energy that is normally used to digest your food (and it is quite a lot more than most of us think) is put to other tasks, such as cleansing your body and repairing anything that it hasn’t been able to take care of from being too busy breaking down your meals. Included in this process is the breaking down of fat cells, which is also where most of the undigested chemicals – the ingredients in food not meant for human consumption – accumulate. These chemically-stuffed cells are incredibly hard to break down if your body does not have the required amount of energy to do so. Exercise alone cannot take care of this, and your body needs to rest in order to be able to take on this task properly. And, the number calories absorbed from juice won’t affect this process.

Another area where the ingredients that can’t be digested accumulate is in the intestines. They actually form a layer that makes your insides blow up, making your belly area larger than it naturally should be. During the three first days of the fast, this is the area that is cleansed. Prepare yourself for three days on the toilet – maybe more, depending on the amount accumulated in your insides. The next step is the breaking-down of fat cells, which can lead to some dizziness if your body was overly-stocked with chemicals. However, once this process is done and you’ve decided to change your diet, you should be at a very low risk of gaining it back.

Afterwards, the body starts to repair itself. Whatever damage was incurred and that the body can fix without external help, such as the liver, will be done during the third and final step. At this point, your body no longer needs to be cleaned per se, but the work continues. You may need a few more days to ensure this is done properly. It will mostly happen during sleeping hours, and consuming plenty of water when waking up is necessary.

As much as I would love to say that anyone can do a fast for however long they wish, there are a few set rules to follow. The diet is very specific and a maximum amount of time is possible without causing lack of nutrition.

1- This fast must be done with only fruits and vegetables. No grains, salt, sugar of any kind are accepted as they will stop the process at hand. A blender or a juicer is necessary (or both if you wish to vary your drinks). The idea is to keep everything liquid, and if you wish to have vegetable juice from a blender, it is possible but a bit limited. I recommend going to natural and organic stores to find ready-made juices of all kinds, but be careful and read the labels. No additives of any kind are allowed, especially salt, sugar and lactic acid (derived from dairy).

2- The recommended period for a fast is between three to ten days. However, you can fast safely for up to 30 days, but never go beyond a month.  If you wish to continue, go back to eating normally for a couple of weeks, then start again.

3- Drink more than the daily recommended amount of water to avoid clogging your kidneys. They will be working overtime to cleanse the body of any unwanted intruders.

4- Those that are very overweight or obese should not do this right away. They should start off by eating only fruits and vegetables for a period of time, stop, and do it again until they reach a weight that is much closer to the average. Then, they can embark on this diet. The risk is that they will clog their kidneys and make their system go into shock, making it much easier to fall off the wagon.

5- Vary your juices as much as you can and keep drinking all day long, as much as you need to. Never go hungry. Remember that there are plenty of low-calorie vegetable juice options. To ensure getting as many nutrients as possible, make your own.

6- If you feel that you just can’t make it through a day without eating, consume only easy-to-digest fruits or vegetables that fill you up quickly, such as bananas or ripe avocados. Never eat celery, carrots, peppers or cucumbers, for example, as they are very difficult to digest.

7- When you are ready to get out of it, learn to listen to your body. You will have to start eating very slowly by sticking to raw fruits and vegetables only at first. If you wish, you may even take advantage of this to learn to become a raw foodie. But, if you wish to go back to cooked foods, go slowly and don’t rush. Make sure you don’t overtire your stomach and follow your body’s indications as to what it wants since it knows what it needs. It may tell you to stop eating junk food entirely, and this may be the time to step into an incredibly healthy lifestyle.

This is a cleanse that will not only make you look better and become healthier, but will also give you an incredible amount of energy. You will notice the difference very quickly.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Do you have an incredible juice recipe? Please add you link in the comments!
    1. Carolyn
      Vote #6, I just might have to try this sometime!
      1. Carolyn
        I can't remember whose article it was........but someone told that you could get juicers now for around $30.00 at Target. I thought juicers were all around $100.00 and that you either had to order them from the infocommercial on television or a specialty store. Was this you that mentioned the $30.00 Target juicers? Do you know if they work well?
        1. SnakeWitch
          That wasn't me, and I'm Canadian and have yet to actually see a Target. I don't own a juicer, either; I just know a lot of people claim they are their life saviours. I'm happy with my blender. But, if people want a juicer, I recommend they stay environmental by either buying second-hand or verifying if they are from a local shop or made with somewhat environmentally-friendly materials. I doubt at the price Target is selling theirs that it would be ecological.
  2. BuddhasDelight
    thank you for this! fasting is something i have tried with varied success. helpful information for my next round!
    1. SnakeWitch
      I wish you the best with that! I'm due for one now, too...
  3. Carolyn
    Congrats on making Top Posts!
  4. Fifi Leigh
    Fifi Leigh
    i need to do a detox cleanse. i am trying to fill up on water or herb tea at night so that i dont snack late at night.
    1. Diane
      I know I am very late answering this one, but veggies work well as a late-night snack. Try carrots and celery with a bit of hummus dip. You'll curve any craving with that.


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