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How to Celebrate Your Birthday, Vegan Style
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How to Celebrate Your Birthday, Vegan Style

Whether it’s your child’s birthday, your friend’s birthday, or a grown-up birthday celebration, everyone loves birthdays! The cake, the presents, the streamers, the clapping, the singing…the celebration of birthdays truly is an act of love, commemorating the anniversary of that special someone’s birth into this world. Celebrating a birthday is such a joyous occasion; and a vegan diet shouldn’t hold you back from making it the best birthday bash ever with the most delicious vegan cakes that will blow any meat-eater’s socks off. Birthdays aren’t limited to food alone though, the following 6 secrets will transform your birthday bash from so-so to amazing.

1. Decide Your Style

Decide what style you’re aiming for from the get-go and know your guests (or at least the majority of them). If you are catering to a bunch of meat-eaters, include non-scary foods like guacamole with some non-GMO quinoa or corn chips and salsa. Is the party going to be a formal event or a picnic style event? Think beyond just food and include eco-friendly decorations, like pinwheels, kites (an especially beloved option for a kid’s party) and floating flowers. Opt for soy-based wax birthday candles, they're much less toxic.

2. Activities List

Instead of having the whole focus of the party being on food (as delicious as food is), make activities an important piece of the party. The options are endless. Karaoke is a classic that never gets old! Board Games are great for large and small groups. They also allow you to connect more easily with people. Fun board games are sure to take any birthday from the forgetful to your go-to conversation when catching up. Besides, laughing is a great way to burn calories.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to activities. Just think of what you and your guests love and find a way to spin it into the party.

3. Think Drinks

Lemonade made with organic cane sugar and fresh lemon juice. Or, better yet, throw a colorful spin on it and serve glasses of green juice. If your party has a specific color scheme, match your juice to it. Orange? Pick carrot juice. Blue? Blueberry juice.

4. The Cake

Even if you have the best activities, the cake is really still the STAR of the show. Imagine a birthday without a birthday cake: terrible. You could either order a vegan birthday cake or make one from scratch. Recipe options are numerous, but here are a few suggestions to get you started.

No-Bake Raw Cheesecake will ease any guilt you feel at indulging, not that you should feel guilty at a birthday party. The nuts satiate while the dates and maple syrup satisfy that sweet tooth.

An Avocado-Frosted Cake is TO DIE FOR! Creamy, chocolatey, and oh so delicious. It doesn’t taste one bit like avocado, so fear not if you are one of those strange individuals cursed with an avocado aversion.

Getting in your veggies has never been easier with a vegan carrot cake, a vegan spin on an old classic.

Pineapple upside down, panda cake, pumpkin cake; the options are endless. If you want to forget being traditional altogether when it comes to dessert, considering serving a vegan ice cream bar or vegan donut towers.

5. Appetizers and Snacks

You’ll want some delectable appetizers and snacks to slow that sugar rush from the cake. Put anything, roasted veggies, fruit, etc., on a kebab stick and fill a platter with them for a fun and festive look. Adding bonito flakes to raw or roasted veggies with a creamy cashew ranch dip are always a hit at any style party.

6. Keep It Friendly

Most likely meat eaters will be attending your party, so just let me know in a friendly way ahead of time that everything will be vegan-based. With that being said, avoid any preachiness or imposition of the vegan lifestyle on guests. A birthday party isn’t the time or the place.

If you follow the above tips and just focus on having fun, everyone from meat eater to die-hard raw vegan will have a fantastic time. So focus on the beauty of celebrating your (or your loved one’s) birthday and enjoy that cake. Birthdays only come once a year, after all.

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