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How to Begin A Composting Project At Home
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How to Begin A Composting Project At Home

Can you believe that anyone can start composting at home, even with little space? That’s right – all you need to begin composting is organic matter such as vegetable peelings from your kitchen, a sack of regular garden soil, and a container for composting.

To start, you should make small holes in the bottom of the composting container. You can make these holes with a nail and hammer. Your composting container should be around 10 inches high and 5 inches wide at the very least. The holes will permit water to drain out of the container so that your compost doesn’t fester. If you intend to compost a lot, you should choose a bigger container.

You can then start layering – this means putting a layer of soil on the bottom, followed by a layer of vegetable peelings, and another layer of soil on top. For every layer of vegetable peelings you put in the container, you should cover it with another layer of soil. The soil prevents flies from going to the kitchen scraps and laying their larvae on it. It also prevents the compost from giving off a foul smell.

If you intend to keep composting on a daily basis, you will probably be able to put one layer of kitchen scraps per day in the composting container. Like we said, you should anticipate how much you intend to compost at the start so it would be good if you have a sizable composting container to start off with. The idea is for the material at the bottom to start decomposing before the upper layers do.

If you can, do water your compost heap on a daily basis. The water is useful for promoting decomposition of the compost. Since your compost bin will have holes in their bottom, the surplus water will not collect at the bottom but rather will flow out.

I have not tried this yet but seen my friend do it in her apartment. The growth is pretty much the same and it is organic!

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