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How to 'Beef Up' Your Vegan Meals
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How to 'Beef Up' Your Vegan Meals

Okay, so you’re having meat-related cravings, but this doesn’t mean you’re a bad vegan or that something's wrong. You might not actually be craving meat or protein at all - it could just be that you need to eat something that 'feels' meaty or fills you up so you're satisfied. 

  • Add Flavor:

If you’ve been eating bland foods, then your body is probably craving meat because it really wants more flavour. That’s where herbs and spices come in to revitalize your cooking! You also want umami, which is basically a savory taste that is satisfied when you have more flavour in your meals. How do you get it? Fermented foods contain it, so add more soy sauce, Worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar and tempeh to your diet.

  • Get a 'Meaty' Texture:

Maybe you just want a meaty texture, not necessarily meat in itself. Fill your vegan meals with ingredients that give you that satisfying bite. Veggie burger patties with lentils and corn give you nice texture, while mushrooms are great for meaty sensation in pasta or soup dishes. If you want something crunchy, adds some nuts to your salads or sandwiches. Seitan is another item that can come to the rescue here. It’s basically a food rich in protein that’s made from wheat gluten. It’s used in meals to substitute meat and it’s very pliable - you can make it firm like a steak or soft like a roast.

  • Eat Filling Foods:

You want to eat foods that leave you feeling satisfied and happy, and you can get this without bringing meat to the party. Some of the most filling meals include oatmeal mixed with sweet prunes, savory dips that are great for when vegetables need to feel more exciting, beans and legumes, and cooking potatoes with their skins. 

*Image courtesy Svilen Georgiev / Dollar Photo Club

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