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How the Death of One Lion Could Have a Tragic Ripple Effect
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How the Death of One Lion Could Have a Tragic Ripple Effect

If you’ve been following the story about Cecil the lion who was murdered by a hunter, you’ll know how outraged you feel about the unnecessary shooting of animals. The story is not over, though - there are cubs whose lives are at stake.

  • Power in Prides of Lions 

You know that a lion is regarded as king of the jungle, but he is also ruler over his pride. When a lion is removed as head of the pride, such as in the case of Cecil the lion being killed, the cubs are at risk of being killed by the newcomer who will take over. This is what lions do to display their power. From a biological point of view, this is also done so that the new lion can ensure his bloodline.

  • Will Cecil’s Cubs Be Killed?

It’s sad to think that human misconduct can lead to such catastrophic consequences in the animal world. Killing one lion can lead to the deaths of more lions. This is something we don’t usually consider when we hear of an animal being hunted. We think that the tragedy ends, but often this is not the case. There are consequences felt by the remaining animals and sometimes this can lead to further deaths. In Cecil’s case, his murder puts his 12 lion cubs at risk of being killed off. In fact, this could have already occurred. Or not. Sometimes a lioness will disguise cubs, pretending that they belong to her, in order to save them during the period of high tension and changes when a new lion takes over the pride. Other times, the new lion ruler decides to take the cubs in as his own.

  • What About Conservationists? 

Although it makes sense to think that conservationists in the region could take matters into their own hands, the ones in national park area proceed in such situations with caution as they do not have enough resources for the cubs to be moved to a safer place. For now, it seems they are letting nature run its course.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Support
    Thanks for connecting the dots for us on this one, Giulia.
  2. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    Lion populations in Africa are under severe threat and we cannot allow the death of a single cub. So when a jackass hunter kills a male lion in his prime, like Cecil, it is a set back for the entire lion species. voted up Lions face canned hunting issues, and now lion farming in South Africa, so unfortunately in our lifetime lions will be extinct in the wild. much west and central African lion population have been wiped out. East African populations are heading the same way. voted up


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