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How Do You Encourage Your Child to Be a Vegan?
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How Do You Encourage Your Child to Be a Vegan?

Have you ever thought about encouraging your children to become a vegan? Some folks wonder, 'Isn't it strange for children to follow a vegan diet?'

This is quite common, because most of us may have a notion that only adults choose to become  vegan, which runs contrary to the facts. It is perfectly normal for any child to be or become vegan. Every year, plenty of young children (with the help and guidance of their parents or others) adopt a plant-based lifestyle.  It is not as complicated a task as you may think. You simply have to follow some loose guidelines to introduce veganism to your child and help develop his or her interest.

The level of difficulty in implementing plant-based changes with kids often directly depends on their age. If your child is an adolescent, then it may be more of an uphill task for you, as they can really be mules about their eating habits. But if you are attempting it with younger kids, it can be surprisingly easy. For those older kids, you often have to deal with them in a strategically tactful manner, to help them grasp the importance of adopting a plant-based lifestyle (health & beauty benefits can be particularly impactful).

Taking an impulsive approach can result in children behaving dejectedly. After all, your children have been habituated to consume meat and animal products for a long period of time, likely throughout their entire childhood, hence you will have to gradually remove these foods from their daily diet.

It is always better that you have small, clear discussions with your children about how the process will work, and veganism protects fellow animals, the planet, and human health. By discussing this clearly, and in a simple manner, you'll likely see that many children tend to respond well to the changes. On the other hand, taking the very same steps can make some children head in the opposite direction, so it's important to take into account the personality of each child. In difficult cases, I recommend keeping in mind the precise behavioral characteristics of your child, and then advancingin a sensible and relevant manner.

You should involve your children in food related activities like buying fruits and vegetables. Ask for their suggestions, and select their favorite produce to start. Meet your local farmers and growers. Start a garden with them. Trust me. They'll indulge more in eating fruits and vegetables than they ever did before. Remember, take it easy.  Use a little finesse. If you very suddenly and vigorously thrust a brand new lifestyle on your children, it can create a dramatic state of tension between you. Encourage your children through cooking with them. It will help them feel empowered and excited.

Solicit the help of your children in selecting the recipes you use. Involve them in your search for new meal ideas, and have them help to prepare some unique dishes. This will create a new level of interest in them for vegan dishes, and encourage them to become flexible enough to try new things. Introducing new foods to your children will not help you succeed all the time. Keep trying. It's all about creating awareness and initiating an interest.

It takes time. Doing this for the sake of your own achievement will not help your kids. Do it , but do it for the right reasons. When children don't accept big changes positively, your relationship can strain, so be gentle. Comfort level is very important. Help them understand that you're doing this for their health and their future, out of your highest concern and Love. Remind them about the greater good.

This way, they will start to try to not only accept the change, but be the change.

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