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4 Ways Veganism is Linked to Goodness
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4 Ways Veganism is Linked to Goodness

If you think that being a vegan is just about not eating or purchasing any animal products, you’re missing out on all the other great things it can bring to the world. It makes you more mindful about food Starting a vegan diet can sometimes feel like a shock to your system, especially if you used to consume lots of dairy and meat. But it’s a great opportunity to pay closer  attention to your diet and make it healthier. If everyone focused on being healthier, there would be a much happier world.

  • It makes you want to save the world 

If you start by saving animals (which you are achieving with a vegan diet!), then this will probably inspire you to want to do more You might want to become an animal activist, for instance, to help the animals. Veganism is a great starting point for being kinder to the earth.

  • It makes you care about how your food reaches you

The world’s precious resources, such as water, are used in the making of your food. By cutting out animal products, you have decreased the amount of water and land that is used to rear animals. However, this will inspire you to do even more, such as choosing eco-friendly and vegan options to increase your good deed for the planet.

  • It makes the world more disease-free

Animal waste contains dangerous pathogens, such as E coli and salmonella, which can get into our food and make us sick. By choosing a vegan life, you decrease your chance of getting food poisoning. 

  • It enables you to better feed the hungry

When animals are raised to become food for people, this uses up crops and water that could be going to feed the hungry! By becoming vegan, you are helping to solve the world hunger crisis.


* Photo credit: iAM Peterson via / CC BY-SA

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