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How Vegan Restaurants Can Maintain Their Equipment
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How Vegan Restaurants Can Maintain Their Equipment

Vegan restaurants are lauded for their healthy menus and pristine kitchens. To stay at the forefront of their industry, it is imperative for vegan restaurants to perform the required maintenance of their food service equipment.

Proper Equipment Maintenance

Even the cleanest of restaurants can find themselves in hot water if the proper attention is not given to maintain their equipment. In order to sustain your restaurant’s reputation, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your cooking equipment its due diligence. If you’re wondering how you and your staff can take better care of your equipment, read on.

Read the Original Owner’s Manual

Any and all maintenance guidelines should be crosschecked with the owner’s manual of each machine. While basic cleaning tips will work with almost all equipment, it’s best to be sure that no specific steps are missed in the process. If you can’t find the owner’s manual, you should be able to locate one online. Reading through the manual will also work to ensure that all staff members understand exactly how the equipment is to be used.

Teach All Employees Proper Equipment Maintenance

All employees should know how to take care of the food service equipment. Whether you have a consistent team of faithful employees or are consistently hiring new help, no employee will be able to perform maintenance properly if they never have the opportunity to learn. Make a concentrated effort to teach every employee how to clean, use, and maintain each piece of equipment in your restaurant.

Perform Regular Repairs on Equipment

One of the most effective ways to keep older equipment running at its best is to have it repaired at the first sign of damage. Many restaurant owners will wait until their equipment breaks down completely before replacing it with a new machine. Some companies, like Capital City Appliance, know that this practice can cost your restaurant more money in the long run. Take your microwave for example. Instead of working around a microwave oven that heats food intermittently, you should always call someone in to repair it immediately. A machine that is faulty should never be trusted to prepare food.

Clean All Equipment Daily

Equipment that is cleaned daily is less likely to require repairs. Cleaning out the machines will remove the buildup of dirt, food scraps, grime, and anything else that may get caught in the machines. Without this necessary cleaning, the equipment is liable to become damaged.

To keep your vegan business thriving, be sure to take proper care of your kitchen. Use these tips to keep your foodservice equipment in top shape. Your customers and staff will thank you.

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