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How Temperature Increases Are Affecting Animals in Norway
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How Temperature Increases Are Affecting Animals in Norway

The increase in global temperature often reveals shocking and sometimes strange consequences. This summer, Norway has experienced its hottest summer yet, with temperatures exceeding 22 degrees Celsius. Various animals have been hit hard by the heat.

  • Reindeer Seeking Shade

Recently Norway has had to close off one of its major highways in the Arctic due to reindeer having invaded the tunnel in order to get away from the abnormally high temperatures outside. Although the maintenance team that arrived on the scene tried to cajole the reindeer out of the tunnel, the poor animals would return within a few hours to get some more much-required shade. Motorists were informed to take a detour because the tunnel could not be used by them. 

  • Not Just a Road Problem

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has been thinking of ways to prevent this from occurring again. Although cattle grids at tunnel openings can help to keep animals away, this can become an obstacle to road operations. However, it is equally important to consider what can be done for the animals in such a situation! 

  • Penguins Risk Heat Stroke

It’s not just the reindeer that have been suffering from the extreme heat. According to Digital Journal, penguins in Norway’s zoos have been battling with the increase in temperature. Zoo keepers have had to take measures to try to keep the birds cool and prevent them from falling sick or getting heatstroke. This included pumping sea water from approximately 100 meters below the surface from the city fjord. As this water maintains a temperature of about eight or 10 degrees, it helps to prevent the penguins from overheating.

A huge problem with global warming is that it affects the animals on the planet, capable of disrupting their lives and harming their health. News reports such as the above should be a warning to people about the negative effects of global warming and motivate us all to adopt practices that prevent further temperature increases.

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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