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How My Family Life Was SMOOTHIED Over: Green Smoothie
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How My Family Life Was SMOOTHIED Over: Green Smoothie

Prep Time: 5 minutes

For most of my life, I didn't have a choice in what foods we ate. My mom would pile heaps of stuff that made me cringe onto my plate and would tell me to eat it; if I didn't, I'd go hungry. That's passed by now, thankfully, but I still remember how it felt.

Terrible. I hated dinner. I could get away with breakfast and skip lunch, but dinner was the worst. None of my family respected my feelings on the matter, even though I tried my best to respect theirs. So, I came up with two different tricks to deal with the stress of the situation.


It sounds harder than it is. Frankly, once I brought it up my parents laughed at me, but had no real objection. A small corner of the greenhouse was designated my "experiment" area, and before too long I had plenty of tomatos and cucumbers growing. A few weeks later and I had complete control of our garden and a month later the grocery bill was even slashed drastically; all so that I could eat a little better each month.


Surprise? Surprise. It swung my family to my side hard, especially considering how good they were. They bought more stuff for me to make my special blend (that's a good joke, huh?) meaning I had more options to make my own dinner. I've attached a copy of my recipe here!


A blender, unfortunately.

Any two cups of the following: kale, romaine, collards, bok choy, spinach.

Two cups of a liquid base: almond milk is my number one recommendation, but you can use any sort of nut milk or even water if you have to!

And two more cups of any of these fruits!: mango, banana, peach, pear, grapes, apples. Feel free to mix and match; banana and mango is my top fave!


Stick the liquid in first, followed by the greens, followed by your chopped fruits. Blend it up! 

Serve once nice and smooth and enjoy!

Photo by Christine and David Schmitt on Flickr.

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