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How Going Vegan Saved Heather Mills
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How Going Vegan Saved Heather Mills

In case you didn’t know, Sir Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills is an activist and vegan, about to establish 25 vegan delis throughout the U.K. Finding out why she decided to become vegan over 20 years ago is a story that will definitely inspire you.

  • The Accidental Vegan  

Back in 1993, Heather was struck down by a police motorcycle which badly damaged her left leg, later resulting in its amputation. She underwent operations on her leg, which shortened it even more. In order to prevent further shortening - she really wanted to save her knee - her friend suggested that she start following a vegan diet.

  • The Healing Powers of Vegan Food 

She did and claims that it helped her heal. It makes sense: eating plant-based foods in large amounts allows your body to absorb various nutrients and fibre, while being low in saturated fat. There’s no doubt that eating healthy foods that are as simple and unprocessed as possible help the body recover and heal itself with all the nutrients you are providing it.

  • Changing the World One Vegan Meal at a Time 

Now, at the age of 47 and still looking super glamorous, Heather Mills is trying to share her vegan love. She is set to open various vegan delis all across the U.K. in a bid to try to get the world to become vegan. At one of her deli’s openings, Heather stated that if everyone went vegan, there would be no starvation in the world. She added:  “Think about it; if you take 10 kilos of soy and give it to humans, you feed 10 times more humans than you feed if you give the same amount of soy to just one single cow. It’s a ratio of 10:1, now imagine that on a global scale and imagine the incredible impact we could make if we all switched to a vegan lifestyle.”


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons (license CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Christian Leitner 




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    This is a truly fascinating and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing it, Giulia!


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