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How Can Live Animal Keyrings Still Be a Thing?
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How Can Live Animal Keyrings Still Be a Thing?

A few years ago, the horror of keyring animals being sold in China was exposed. Basically, small and live animals are sold as keychains to the public. The animals, such as turtles, fish or salamanders, are trapped inside small plastic bags and sold by vendors. Inside the water, there are nutrients to keep the poor trapped animal alive - but only for a few days. How much do you have to pay to purchase these animals? Approximately $1.50 will get you one.

  • Animals Aren't Accessories! 

There is so much wrong with this so-called 'fashionable' product: the animal not only dies, but dies in a cruel and vicious way: by starvation and loss of oxygen which happens over a few days. Imagine seeing a small animal struggling in water in a highly confined space and actually buying it only to watch it suffocate? The only good reason to purchase these animals is so that they can be set free!

  • How Can This Be Happening?

You’d think that the world was opening its eyes, finally, to the plight of animals and preventing cruelty towards them. And yet, ideas such as this animal keychain one are still around and popular. In China, there are no proper laws regarding the welfare of animals. This enables people to use animals in shocking ways. There have been strides made against certain animal cruelty - such as the Jinhua Hutou dog festival that was eradicated in 2011 - but it’s clear that people have to stand up for animal rights in order to push governments to make a change.

  • Do We Forget About Small Animals?

Have you ever wondered if the world seems to fight for rights of larger animals - think sharks, whales, circus animals, dogs and cats - but totally forgets about the smaller ones? Think of how you might react when you see an insect on the floor or a fly at the window. You might resort to killing it without a second thought. Are we, as a society, less mindful of the smaller animals that are populating our world than the larger ones? Perhaps the keychain animal trend is an example of this. The point to remember is that cruelty is cruelty, no matter whether the violence is being targeted towards a rhino or a bee! All living organisms matter.

If you want to do your part to help save animals from ending up on keychains, sign the petition here*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Support
    What the what?! We can't believe this is still a thing either. Thanks for the report, Giulia.
  2. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    The mind boggles how cruel people can be. Animals, big and small, deserve our compassion. great post,, , , voted up :)


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