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10 Amazing Homemade Vegan Frozen Treats
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10 Amazing Homemade Vegan Frozen Treats

Summer is winding down for some of us, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to keep making homemade popsicles, ice creams, sorbets, and other tasty refreshing treats.

It is tempting to want to grab the Tofutti when it's on sale, but I believe some of those treats contain less than desirable ingredients. As long as you have a blender, you should be able to have healthy homemade cold treats in no time. It will be faster/easier if you have a powerful blender, such as a Vitamix, but I've made due with less powerful options in the past.

One of my favorite go-to cold treats is to simply blend frozen bananas to an ice cream consistency. From there you can add cacao power, carob powder, vanilla extract, peppermint extract, chopped nuts, chocolate chips, peanut butter, tahini-- the list goes on and on. For popsicles, I blend a little almond milk, water melon, frozen blueberries, and a bit of berry juice, and pour it into my popsicle molds. I often can't wait to get home and have one (or two).

* Many of these recipes are sugar-free, but some have sugar in the recipe. I often substitute this with xylitol/maple syrup or omit completely. Additionally, a couple of these might have honey in the recipe. It's easy to replace honey with another sweetener in the name of veganism, so I don't think a recipe should be discarded for this reason alone.

  1. Cookie Dough Popsickles
  2. Strawberry Coconut Frozen Fruit Pops
  3. Orange Creamsicle Popsicles
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  5. Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  6. Cookie Dough Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream
  7. Strawberries and Cream Popsicles
  8. Chocolate Popsicles
  9. Key Lime Pie Popsicles
  10. Avocado Fudgey Popsicles


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    Frozen treats are perfect for this time of year, Clare. Voted +1
    1. Clare
      Thanks very much! :)


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