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"Hidden Treasure" Berried Smoothie!
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"Hidden Treasure" Berried Smoothie!

It's no secret smoothies are a versatile staple for most vegetarians and vegans. But the healthiest smoothies don't always look or taste the great and the smoothies that taste great aren't always the best for you!  

This smoothie succeeds in tackling that problem with a sweet and tangy drink that looks as good as it tastes, while packing hidden health benefits!  

I discovered that buying, washing and freezing fresh kale leaves is a great trick for smoothies.  Freezing helps break down the plant fibers, it gets crunchy and easily comes off the center stem and blends effortlessly.  Add some nutrient-dense spirulina from the sea, a bit of omega-3 and fiber-rich flax seed and you have a drinkable meal with a true hidden treasure inside! 


"Hidden Treasure" Berried Smoothie


1 cup frozen organic Raspberries

1/2 cup fresh organic Blueberries

1/2 cup Orange Juice

1 small ripe Banana

1 tsp Spirulina

1 tsp golden Flax Seed

1-2 frozen Kale Leaves

Pure Water


Pour orange juice into blender, gradually add berries, banana and blend.  Add spirulina, flax and kale.  Blend until smooth, adding water along the way until smoothie reaches desired consistency.  Pour into a tall glass, add a straw, sip and enjoy drinking your nutrients!


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  1. Clare
    yum yum - Full of all the good stuff! Voted :) --Clare
    1. BuddhasDelight
      thanks clare!
  2. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Mmm. I love berries!
  3. Veganara
    Voted, although you are already on the home page! Kale in a sweet smoothie, how unusual! Sounds delicious and super-healthy.


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