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Helping kids to embrace veganism
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Helping kids to embrace veganism

Since recently going vegan I have looked for ways to help my children embrace the change.  I have found the best way is to get them as involved as possible.  There are several ways that I have done this.

The first way I got them involved was by talking with them about my choice to become vegan.  I wanted them to understand that it was not a diet to loose weight, but that it was a something I believe was the best thing for my health, and because of my love of animals as well. 

The next thing I did was take them with me to the store and have them help me find vegan foods that we all could enjoy.  Some of the things we got were foods we had been eating already so it gave them a feeling of comfort and familiarty, but we also got to try a whole bunch of new things as well.

I have also involved them by having them help me try out new vegan reciepes.  Some of the things we have made were good, and some not so good, but the were willing try everything because they helped make it.  I even discovered a recipe for cashew queso that they couldn't get enough of. 

Both of my girls have now become pescatarians, and my oldest wants to try and eat more vegan.   I have never pushed my beliefs on my children and I have always encouraged them to make their own decisions on what they feel is the right choice for them.  But by involving them they have found many things that are vegan that they love, and they are open to eating all different types of food.


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  1. Akanksha
    Yeah true. Kids love it when they are allowed to participate rather than forcing decisions on them. When they choose what they eat, they tend to stick with their decision longer :)
  2. Free 2 B Me Now
    Absolutely! When you choose something it is your choice so you want to do it, When someone else chooses it you feel forced.
  3. uponacloud
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Lovely to see it worked out this way in your family.
  4. Rob  Rubin
    Rob Rubin
    My kids are extremely picky eaters and it would be difficult for them to fully embrace veganism. Maybe down the road they will, but it's tough right now.


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