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Hell Yeah It's Vegan! Masters the Art of Not Apologizing
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Hell Yeah It's Vegan! Masters the Art of Not Apologizing

Claryn of Hell Yeah It's Vegan! is standing up for vegans everywhere. This matter-of-fact vegan food blog has taken on the mission of "disproving the hordes of people who think vegans can’t eat anything, that being vegan means you can’t eat the foods you grew up with, or that vegan food is not as good as non-vegan food." Now, that's a cause we can get behind! Paired with the powerful sentiment, "I am vegan for the animals, for the earth, and for my health. I strive to avoid the exploitation and oppression of living beings, and veganism is simply a logical extension of that desire," this blog has readers practically shouting "Hell yeah, I'm vegan!"

This blog is a celebration of an unapologetic vegan lifestyle that is founded on good food and compassion. And honestly, this. blog. has. everything. Seriously, everything. Corn dogs? Got it. Cadbury Cream Eggs? Got it. There's even vegan fried chicken. But these veganizations of non-vegan favorites only barely scratch the surface of the recipe collection on this blog. 

This blog is a love letter to vegan living, plain and simple. Just take a look at the Raw Zucchini Salad. Zucchini, tomatoes, herbs, voila. There's nothing here that will stress out your grocery list or have you stalking the aisles for an obscure and expensive new super food. Hell Yeah It's Vegan! takes simple food and makes it super. You could likely make the Potato Skins and Broccoli Slaw from ingredients you already have in your fridge and pantry. And one less trip to the grocery store is a beautiful thing. 

But if you're looking for a challenge, Hell Yeah It's Vegan! has it for you. You can even grow your own bean sprouts. Who wouldn't? And there's even a recipe for vegan kugel. Did I mention this blog has everything? It even has a recipe for Daifuku Mochi (and if you have no idea what that is, you're not alone). Essentially it's a Japanese treat made from glutinous rice and it takes a number of forms and flavors. 

We encourage you to check out this crazy wonderful blog and its wonderful author who hopes it will "make going — and staying — vegan a little bit easier for folks who are intimidated by or apprehensive about vegan food."

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