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Healing Herbs You can Grow at Home
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Healing Herbs You can Grow at Home

The common cold or the usual headache does not mean you have to go rushing to the pharmacy for relief, for there might be something from your garden that can naturally remedy the discomfort you are feeling. That is right, the garden can be your source of a full line of medicinal herbs that does not only save you time, gas, and money, but also assures you that you are using all-natural for healing.

With a rich soil, a bright sunny spot, and a cute pot, it is very easy to grow a line-up of healing herbs. If you do not have anything in mind yet, take a look of the list below on what medicinal herbs your garden must have.

Basil: Pluck some leaves and crush it to your temples to give instant relief to headaches. If your feet are aching, pour warm water to pieces of basil leaves and soak your feet there to give relief to tired and aching feet. Basil leaves are ideal for cough and cold and you can chew them raw, right away! Basil leaves are ideal to be grown in pots. 

Mint: Nausea, stomach cramps, abdominal pain, and pain due to digestion problems can be remedied by sipping hot mint tea. It may also be used as a decongestant by putting few leaves of mint into a container of hot water and get the steam by draping a towel over the head. A pot of mint can be placed in either a sunny spot or a shaded area.

Sage: You can never predict cough and colds, so be always prepared by planting sage in the garden and make a tea out of it when these common health complaints arrive. This can also be used as a gargle when you have sore throat. Remember to your sage pot under the sun to promote healthy growth.

Rosemary: Had too much drink last night? Then rosemary can be your savior. Make a rosemary tea to aid in hangover. Or if your reason of drinking too much is mood anxiety, rosemary can also help in your mood problems. This herb loves getting sunshine, so position its pot in the sunny side of the garden.

Thyme: When colds suddenly bug you, pluck few leaves of thyme and make a thyme tea. You may also squeeze some lemon juice to make the taste interesting and to intensify the effect. To make thyme healthy, place the thyme pot in an area where it can have enough sunlight.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. parneesha211
    Very informative indeed.
  2. abhasklal
    Nice article! Will definitely these at home.
  3. Eve Sherrill York
    Eve Sherrill York
    Mint and sage are two of my all time favorites for sickness. Voted.
  4. Unite For The Animals
    Unite For The Animals
    Hey Akansha! This is great just shared it with my facebook fans :) I wish more people would grow herbs at home, it's so easy and you can do it with very little space. Come check out our latest post and give us a vote if you like it - We're a charity and we use all the money raised here to help our rescued farm animals :)


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