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A Centenarian Shares His Secret to a Long Life: Veganism
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A Centenarian Shares His Secret to a Long Life: Veganism

Our planet is currently home to quite a few individuals who have already celebrated their 100th birthday, but few of them are as fit as the 100 year old retired heart surgeon Dr. Ellsworth Wareham. In a recently published video, the energetic centurion revealed what exactly keeps him so fit and healthy at 100. It’s his vegan diet.

According to Dr. Wareham, his plant-based diet is responsible for his good health and longevity. The retired heart surgeon said that keeping blood cholesterol below 150 makes an individual’s chances of suffering a heart attack significantly small. He added that by following a vegan lifestyle, he has managed to keep his blood cholesterol as low as 117, which according to him, makes his chances of having a heart attack almost zero.

What’s really remarkable is Dr. Wareham’s belief that his vegan diet will not let him down. He said that he will not even bother to get an electrocardiogram done if he ever experiences chest pain.

Another key to this 100-year-old’s longevity is not allowing problems to weigh him down. He believes in doing the best he can and avoid worrying about things that he cannot do anything about. This philosophy helps him in leading a stress-free life.

Dr. Wareham worked until the age of 95. He informed that although he was only assisting surgeons when he retired, he was fit enough to carry out surgeries himself. He stuck just to assisting as he felt that carrying out heart surgery at such an old age wouldn’t be fair to a patient as surgeons often need reserve strength amid such operations.

When it comes to memory, Dr. Wareham is confident that he can showcase as much efficiency as he used to when he was 20.  This quality is seldom observed in elderly people and when a 100-year-old has such sharp memory, he surely deserves some praise.

So, what a normal day of Dr. Wareham looks like? He makes sure that he gets eight to nine hours of rest every day, but wakes up every day at 5 a.m.

He eats two meals a day and his breakfast always consists of almond milk and whole-wheat cereal. He exercises regularly and spends a lot of time with his beloved family.

When asked why he is still refraining from eating animal products, he referred to a Cleveland Clinic study, which suggested that it’s possible to prevent heart disease by consuming a low-fat vegan diet.

Recently obtained statistics suggest that heart disease is the number 1 cause of death in the US. So, it makes sense when Dr. Wareham says that if there’s a way to prevent heart disease, it’s worthwhile.

Dr. Wareham said that although he is enjoying his retired life, he is still a pretty busy man. He still drives, spends a lot of time reading and does jobs like trimming bushes and mowing the lawn. For him, those landscaping jobs are different forms of physical exercise.

What’s even more fascinating is that the great grandfather still wants to contribute to the society. Earlier he used to contribute by carrying out surgeries, and now he is doing so by speaking about preventive medicines.

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  1. Mausi
    Awesome article! However I would like to point out I was a bit disappointed because the title promised me a "centurion" (a military commander in the Roman Empire Army) and I was expecting some LARP character who advocates veganism. Instead it was a centenarian (person who lived over 100 years). Which is a notable feat as well, but not as badass as a military leader from 2000 years ago.
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    1. Veganara
      Hahahaha! Yes exactly Mausi! Great article and he is a very inspiring individual, voted. That's my only criticism too - that it should be "centenarian." It's a good idea to check you have the terminology right, before publishing these things. Otherwise, great job!
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