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Have a Great Vegan First Date!
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Have a Great Vegan First Date!

 Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking, but even more so if you fear finding yourself in a non-vegan setting. Here is how to plan for a romantic and vegan-friendly first date.

1. Consider the Outdoors

Much better than being stuck in a non-vegan restaurant or coffee shop because it’s your date’s favorite, consider heading out to the outdoors. Have a picnic where you can bring your own vegan treats, or go for an adventure in nature that will also be relaxing if you are feeling nervous. Doing an activity together can also help to keep the conversation going.

2. Set the Place

Although you don’t want to seem too controlling about where or how your date occurs, make a friendly suggestion to your date about a great vegan restaurant or coffee place that you’d love to go to with them. This gets you ahead of the game and helps you choose a location you’re comfortable to be in. If you’re choosing the place, then it’s good date courtesy to let your partner choose the day or time.

3. Find Out if They’re Vegan Beforehand

Before your first date, it’s always a good idea to find out a bit more about the person you are going out with. This can save you time if it turns out there’s a non-negotiable quality about them, plus it can prevent awkward situations. For instance, if your date orders a massive steak and this is a put-off, it can be difficult to try to continue chatting to them when they are digging in and insisting you have a bite. Find out if your date is vegan and how you feel about their answer before you embark on the first date adventure. If they are not vegan but nice, they will be willing to accommodate your needs (such as by making a mental note not to order a meat dish in front of you).

4. Get Acquainted with the Menu

If you are having a traditional restaurant date, it helps to get used to the menu beforehand. Nothing worse than feeling embarrassed for drilling the waiter about how to turn a non-vegan meal into something you can actually eat and enjoy! Many restaurants offer consumers the chance to see their menus online, which can help you map out your meal beforehand. However, don’t be afraid to call the restaurant or café ahead of time and ask them if they can make vegan food for you even if these are not listed on the menu.  Have fun! 


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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