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Handrails for a Healthier Life: Choosing a Vegetarian Lifestyle
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Handrails for a Healthier Life: Choosing a Vegetarian Lifestyle

A healthier life, a vegetarian lifestyle… I made that choice last year.

I’m not totally vegan but, hopefully, I would get there. I’m a flexitarian (also known as a semi-vegetarian who would load up on veggies and fruits, and occasionally indulge in eggs and animal flesh). I’ve been in and out of the fence: From fat to skinny, and sometimes in between. It’s hard to keep up, and yet I continue amidst the doubts voiced out by others or by myself.

During those moments when I catch myself reverting to old unhealthy habits, I review three helpful tips to keep me going.

Here are my own guideposts:

One: Be your own source of inspiration

I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but I think that most people are their own worst critic. They berate themselves when they fail to follow what they’ve initially set up to work on.

Through my struggles and accomplishments, I realized that I should be the first one to pat my back and say encouraging statements such as, “That’s great! You’ve made it.” or “That’s OK. You’ve still got a brand new day tomorrow to look forward to.”

It helps a lot in making me feel better.

Two: Failure is not forever unless you allow it to be

When some people fail, they make it seem like forever, like it’s engraved in stone for eternity. Sadly, they use that as a reason to give up.

Failures may seem fatal. But it isn’t. I usually remind myself of that. And I’m aware that it may only be a continuous trap if I would allow it to pull me down and drain me of my strength to move towards my goals.

Three: As much as possible, stick to mini-goals

Goals are good. However, there may be times when people might try to convince themselves that these things are unreachable especially during their low moments.

The solution?

Break it down into mini-goals. A lot of people are doing that. In this way, it’s easier to stay on track. And it’s easier to accomplish.

These things serve as my handrails for a healthier life. They fuel me with the right amount of sweet strength that one can get from those delicious vegetables that nature has given us. Just like a seed that will grow and bear fruit in due time, these tips bring me to a deeper satisfaction and awareness of where I’m at and where I’m heading.

Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle? You bet!

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  1. Jason
    I think this is great, thanks for sharing it.
    1. SittieCates
      Thank you, Jason. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the lovely comment. ;-)


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