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Hamburger Meat Scandal - And It Includes Vegan Burgers Too!
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Hamburger Meat Scandal - And It Includes Vegan Burgers Too!

Before you read this, pack away your food because this is sure to erase your appetite. Clear Labs has released a shocking report known as 'The Hamburger Report' that shows what's really lurking in hamburgers. And before you sigh with relief that you don't eat meat anymore so you're giving this nasty scandal a skip, unfortunately veggie “meat” products fared no better in the study.  

  • Disgusting Ingredients in Hamburger Meat 

The report, which tested 79 brands of burgers and 22 retailers located in the region of northern California, discovered shocking ingredients that are finding their way into burgers. Some of the bad findings include: meat was found in two VEGETARIAN PRODUCTS, one case of HUMAN DNA was found in meat, and some meat contained RAT DNA - including vegetarian faux meat! The human DNA that the study refers to is said to be from a fingernail or human hair that somehow got into the meat during preparation (gross). The one good thing is that the DNA wasn't said to be harmful to human health. Still, who wants to consume rat or human DNA?! 

  • Veggie Products Incorrectly Labelled 

Sadly, things also got a whole lot worse for vegetarians/vegans who enjoy their veggie burgers. According to the report, 23.6 percent of vegetarian products had discrepancies between their labels and what they really contained. It's scary to think that avoiding meat products as a vegetarian or vegan does not always mean that you're not consuming it in another form or due to sloppy practices that are occurring in the industry without you knowing about it. Studies like this are great to make us more aware of what's really going on and show that perhaps it's a good idea to move away from all kinds of meat, even faux meat that you buy at fast food joints or in the supermarket, just to be on the safe side.

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  1. Tmac
    Shocking and disturbing! I agree, it may be best to stay away from all faux meet. Vote with our $$$! Thanks for condensing that massive report down to the important details.


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