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Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables for a Vegan Lifestyle
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Growing Your Own Fruits and Vegetables for a Vegan Lifestyle

For many people, choosing a vegan lifestyle can seem like an expensive choice, having to stock up on fresh produce every week and opting for the expensive, organic products on the shelves. This, however, doesn't always have to be the case. Whilst you do have to spend money on fresh produce, there are more cost-effective options. One of the best ways to save some pennies whilst still getting your fresh produce day after day is to grow your own. Not only does this give you fresh produce, it also provides you with a fabulous hobby that you won’t want to give up!

Getting Started

It’s not necessarily a massive project, but growing your own fruit and veg does require specific tools to help you grow the best of the best. Start by figuring out how you’re going to grow your produce, whether that’s in flowerbeds in a garden, or if you fancy getting yourself a greenhouse or cold frame to do the job. Either way, there are plenty of delicious veggies and fruits that you can grow to help enhance your vegan lifestyle. Once you know how you intend to grow your produce, you can focus on investing in the right equipment to get you started. For those planting in the garden, you’ll need to create your own vegetable patch to keep your greens in a dedicated spot, preferably in full sun. If you’re thinking of getting yourself a greenhouse or cold frame, be sure to look around and see what’s available in order to pick the best fit for your garden.

Salad Specials

One of the most popular options when growing fruit and veg is to grow the contents of a tasty salad. There’s nothing quite like popping out into the garden to pick some fresh lettuce leaves and grab some tasty tomatoes to add to the mix. Grow your own spring onions and radishes, peas, onions, garlic, and tomatoes.

Greenhouse Considerations

If you find that growing your fruit and vegetables in a greenhouse is going to be the better option for you, then there are a few things you should consider when doing so. Firstly, you need to make sure your greenhouse is positioned in a spot that receives a strong flow of sunlight throughout the day, to really help your produce grow to its full potential. If you opt to grow your veggies through the winter time, you should look at investing in high-quality greenhouse heaters to keep the conditions of your greenhouse at the right level. Similarly, you can opt for some grow lights to ensure the heat and lighting is at its best, creating the perfect condition for your projects.

Meal Prepping

Once you know exactly what you’re going to be growing, you can start focusing on creating tasty vegan meal plans to make your daily dining more enjoyable. From delicious salads to adventurous vegetable bakes, there are so many wonderful vegan recipes out there to make your eating habits fun and consistent. Plan your days with specific meals so that you can prep yourself and get good use out of your home-grown fruit and vegetables!

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