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Growing Organic Strawberries Indoors
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Growing Organic Strawberries Indoors

The 23rd Annual Spring Garden Show in South Coast Plaza presents Growing Organic Strawberries Year-Round. The guest speaker for this seminar discusses the basic necessities of soil, water, fertilizer, and planting in containers. Moreover, other requirements include Perfect Purice, soil mixture, Super Berry Builder Fertilizer, and containers or pots.

The first step involves seeking a location that gets full sunlight for four to six hours. Place your container at that location.

The second step involves using the right soil mixture. Make sure there is good drainage as well as compost for your soil, whether using clay soil or sandy soil, because drainage and compost break up and feed the soil. Add compost once a year to your soil.

The third step involves using perlite, humus and certain strawberry varieties. Humus looks like little white pebbles. Albion and Seascape are the best strawberry varieties to use because they are easy to use, flexible, and perfect for container gardening.

The fourth step involves properly watering your plant. When watering a strawberry plant, remember not to overwater. Check daily in order to monitor its progress. Stick your finger in the dirt to make sure it gets an inch to two inches of water. If you notice something is wrong, then your plant probably has too much salt. Other problems include noticing that the leaves are dried at the edges. The leaves should be moist, but not soggy. Deciding whether to use self-watering pots depends on the product used.

The fifth step involves feeding and nourishing your plant. Organic soil is perfect for growing edible plants. Alfalfa meal is a good natural growth hormone. Worm compost doesn't have an odor. Micro Rising is microscopic fungi. Humic acid, such as tree leaves that have fallen on the ground, makes a good form of compost.

The sixth step involves using natural repellants to keep off certain pests. Pine needles tend to deter snails and slugs when they step on it. It breaks off in time to create acidity in the soil. Copper stripping deters snail and slugs, similar to shock treatment. The appearance of fungus gnats is an indication that your plant is in a wet area. In order to solve this problem, place little pieces of wood underneath your pot or container. Healthy roots are usually white. If you notice the roots are black as well as the soil smells bad, then your plant is rotten. The PH amount should be between 6.5 and 6.8 for a healthy plant.

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  1. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    What a great idea. My family loves growing strawberries! Voted! Check out my watermelon basil soda post and please vote:)
    1. Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh
      that watermelon basil soda drink sounds good for a hot summer day refreshment drink, or maybe served as cocktails, especially if it is filled with crushed ice either way.
  2. SnakeWitch
    Hey! This sounds like a great idea. I never thought about growing strawberries indoors. I've tried cherry tomatoes, carrots and fresh herbs, but this makes it seem simple to have some fruits thrown into the mix. Thanks for this! I voted! I have two new articles - 'Flying Greener' and 'Permaculture for the Environment'. Would you consider voting for me?
    1. SnakeWitch
      Just wanted to point out that you seem to enjoy shows and cooking demos. I like getting inspiration from them, too, especially Green Shows and the like. I decided to follow you.
      1. Fifi Leigh
        Fifi Leigh
        i am trying to do online writing, and that is where i get most of my inspiration and tips from. i like attending, shows, events, seminars, and colleges for ideas, and then write about it to share it online with the world.
    2. Fifi Leigh
      Fifi Leigh
      i have just started growing tomatoes, but outdoors in a pot, and i accidentally used in-ground organic soil instead of potting mix. i hope is still works. i am not an expert in gardening, but i am trying to do some stuff.
  3. Carolyn
    Vote #5 Fifi Leigh! I love strawberries!


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