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Grooming an Herbivore
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Grooming an Herbivore

There’s been some confusion, a bit of a mystery, on how to lure people over to the vegan side. I say start young; groom your herbivore children into living this healthy and amazing life we live. Here’s how.

Association: Applied learning is majorly impacted by what we associate things with, as parents we have to make things relatable, however, why not guide the association aspect towards healthy. For example, helping your child say the alphabet, let ‘A’ stand for ‘apple’, let ‘B’ stand for ‘beets’, and go ahead and say ‘C’ stands for what?..... Carrots! Whenever you have to elaborate or give an example to your child to clarify the meaning of something, mention vegetables, or fruits. For example, if your child tells you that he doesn’t think math is important. Reply with this, “When I tell you to go to the store to get me a dozen oranges, to make orange juice, what will you do? “ That’ll teach them.

Fun & Games: Think creatively, what do children like to do? They enjoy coloring books, television, toys etc. They love fun and games, so here’s where you can expose them to visual appreciation for fruits and veggies. Purchase a color book full of garden nutrition, or introduce them to kid friendly channels like ABC that promote healthy eating, by having talking broccoli’s singing memorable sing-alongs.

Family Bonding: Nobody knows your children like you do, if you know what they already like to eat, and then create your own coloring book! Encourage family participation when cooking foods for your own regime, and I bet they’ll be asking for your help to make their own. The best way to get our children to eat healthy isn’t to only tell them how good it is for them, it is to show them, and to put healthy living into their atmosphere everywhere so it’s all they can think about. 

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  1. Sunshine
    I just slowly introduce my family to these things and they love them :) They eventually start incorporating the food/products into their own lives. I prefer this method just because they're constantly around me and not children, and also stubborn lol If I try to shove onto them it will only push them away, but if I'm just like 'hey try this, it's really yummy ;)' and they do like it, they'll turn around.


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