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Green Travel Gets Greater Investment from United Airlines?
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Green Travel Gets Greater Investment from United Airlines?

With ecological concerns becoming more important in the modern world, large companies are taking a more active role in respecting the planet's limits. Two titans of the world of travel, namely Starwood Hotels and Resorts and United Airlines have both recently announced their plans to make their companies greener than ever before, as well as proposing major investments in environmentally-friendly technologies. This news has been warmly welcome by environmental organizations all around the world, as these two large corporations seek to set an example for others to follow. If green travel continues to receive these levels of investment, the benefits for the environment cannot be underestimated.

Starwood Hotels have reported some impressive figures in their latest energy usage reports. They have managed to cut down on their carbon emissions by over 16% across their many properties, which is a very large figure for a hotel brand. Representatives of the company have stated that they are keen to cut down on their energy usage as greatly as possible in order to protect the environment and provide a better experience for their guests. The method via which Starwood are able to report such reductions in energy usage is their “30/20 by 20” plan, initiated in 2009. As the name suggests, Starwood hopes to reduce their energy usage by 30% and their water consumption by 20% in time for the year 2020.

To reduce its environmental impact, Starwood has made use of various environmentally-friendly technologies in its various properties. For instance, LED lightbulbs have been installed across their hotels, along with more efficient faucets and electronic systems. They have also introduced several new recycling schemes to preserve various resources. All of these relatively small changes have combined to put the company on track to meet their goals by 2020.

Meanwhile, United Airlines has also made some changes of their own to support green travel. One of the biggest and most effective changes made by the company is their astronomical investment in biofuel. Specifically, United Airlines put $30 million into the Fulcrum BioEnergy company, allowing the airline to make use of millions of gallons of eco-friendly fuel for its fleet of aircraft. This fuel is actually made from recycled waste products and surely represents the future of green air travel.

In addition to helping out with green travel, United Airlines’ venture with Fulcrum BioEnergy is helping the economy by providing plenty of jobs and also cutting down on landfills. The companies plan to continue working together over the next few years to develop even more efficient methods of green travel and build new fuel-producing factories to provide the airline with even more sustainable biofuel.

With these changes and investments, are both of these companies are showing that they are willing to contribute to the worthy cause of green travel? With the Earth’s resources dwindling and the environment suffering, more companies will need to change business as usual in order to save the planet, while continuing to help humanity to travel and explore.

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    Interesting stuff! Thanks for posting.
  2. RafaelGodby
    I agree with this mind because of I travel a lot and I spend a lot of money on the site and I can compare the investments of both companies.


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