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6 Ways to Freshen up with Mint
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6 Ways to Freshen up with Mint

Mint is refreshing and tasty, but it also poses some positive benefits for your skin and beauty regimen. It’s a must to make mint your new best friend before a date so that you will be fresh and gorgeous. Mint leaves and juice can all be used for a variety of beauty remedies. Here are some to try!

  • Exfoliate Skin

Blend oats with mint juice (try not to eat it!) and gently scrub your skin to exfoliate dead cells. This is also a great way to moisturize your skin.

  • Get Fabulous Feet

When summer’s here you want to be able to step out in confidence. So you need gorgeous feet. Take some mint leaves and boil them, then let your feet soak in the warm liquid. This is great for removing nasty foot odour, improving cracks on your heels and keeping your skin smooth.

  • Freshen Your Eyes

Grind up some mint leaves and apply them under your eyes if you suffer from dark circles. Mint is also a soothing treatment for puffiness.

  • Chew for Delicious Breath

Nothing is worse than bad breath on a first date! Make yours much more kissable by chewing on some mint leaves to naturally freshen it up.

  • Prevent Allergies from Ruining Your Look

When hay fever and seasonal allergies strike, it can leave you feeling red-faced, puffy and less confident about presenting your face to the world. Peppermint leaves are a great treatment for these conditions because they prevent the release of histamines which are linked to them.

  • Delete Dandruff

To prevent those annoying white flakes from appearing on a hot date, try this: in 1 cup of cider vinegar add a bit of mint and rosemary. Allow the concoction to sit for a week, then use it after your regular shampoo.

 *Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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