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Going Vegan Changed My Life, Says Health Guru Angela Liddon
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Going Vegan Changed My Life, Says Health Guru Angela Liddon

Healthy switch to Veganism

Health guru Angela Liddon is one of the many individuals to switch paths and follow the trend of Veganism. Many celebrities have adapted this lifestyle, including Beyonce who recently announced that she was going to launch a food delivery service specifically for vegans. Angela says that choosing this lifestyle was not because of the celebrity element to it, but that it actually promoted healthy living.

The difficult stage of self-criticism

When Angela hit puberty around the age of 11, she felt that her weight and curves were signs that she was not thin or fit enough like the models on TV and in magazines. She started to look down at herself and was a victim of constant self-criticism. At the tender age of 11 was when she first started her impractical diet routine.

She would stay hungry for hours and days at a stretch that lead her to a state of misery. After few days, Angela would binge-eat and then feel ashamed of eating fatty foods. She now says that it was a ‘vicious circle’.

“Even though I was very thin my body image was worse than ever. I thought that by losing weight, I would accept myself more, but found I only became more critical of how I looked,” she said while self-examining her past.

A change for the better

It was only when she reached her mid-twenties that she decided she had had enough. She was exhausted and frustrated all the time, and she was sick and tired of feeling that way. Her eating disorder impacted her day-to-day routine, her decision-making, relationships, academics and much more.

A short while later, Angela heard about a simple vegan diet that was healthy and balanced. It was like a complete 360 degree change, according to her. She felt brighter, happier, had much more energy to complete chores and tasks and overall felt a remarkable change in her life.

Influencing others to adapt Veganism

She decided to spread the word about her struggles and the multiple benefits of a vegan diet by starting a blog in 2008. In this blog she also has written about more than 600 vegan food recipes, effectively creating a reader-base of more than six million readers. Now, Angela is ready to launch her first cookbook, ‘Oh She Glows’ and gives us five golden rules for a healthy diet.

Simple rules for a healthy lifestyle

  • Timing is essential – It is wise to prepare food for the coming week in advance. Don’t prepare the whole meal, but rather soak the vegetables, create dressings in advance and roast pans.
  • Self-perception is important – If you’re taking on a new lifestyle, she says, do it only for yourself, not for anyone else. When you’re following a path perfectly and the results show, others may want to take it up too.
  • Exercise is important – Ensure that you spend at least 30 minutes every day exercising. Whether you’re sweating it out on the treadmill, swimming, running or playing basketball, try to mix it up and follow it strictly on a daily basis.
  • Do not skip breakfast – Time and time again, experts have insisted that breakfast be an important part of daily diet. Whether you’re eating a bowl of fruits or some oats, do not leave the house on an empty stomach.
  • Indulge in treats once in a while – Just because you’re on a diet, doesn’t mean you can’t have delicious snacks and sweets in moderation. 

Swap daily food items with healthier options

  • Replace cow’s milk with unsweetened almond milk.
  • In place of dairy cream, use full-fat coconut cream in puddings, soups, desserts and more.
  • Use virgin coconut oil in place of butter, as it is not only healthier, but has antibacterial and antifungal properties as well.
  • Ditch mine and replace it with lentil-walnut taco meat
  • Lastly, use cashew sour cream in place of dairy sour cream
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  1. nightsinge
    What does "ditch mine" mean in this sentence? "Ditch mine and replace it with lentil-walnut taco meat"


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