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Going Bananas! A New Way to Snack
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Going Bananas! A New Way to Snack

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Lately I have been craving bananas a lot. Everytime I want something sweet bananas are my first choice. Bananas are super good for you. They help with digestion, increase energy and are very filling.

There are many ways to eat bananas, here is one of my favorite:


* Bananas (as many as you wish) * Crackers * Creamcheese ( you can also use peanut butter or almond butter)

Preparation:   If you dont want to use crackers, you can make your own by simply mixing a cup of nuts of your choice with half a cup of dates in a food processor. If the mixture is not sticking together just add more dates. Once done processing, place the mixture on a flat pan, go ahead and cut into small pieces or the size that you desire and refrigerate for a few hours to harden.

When your crackers are ready spread the creamcheese on the crackers. Slice some bananas and put on crackers! Take a bite and savor the banana goodness!

This is a perfect snack for adults and kids, so I hope you share this simple but tasty recipe with your loved ones.

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  1. yania227
    It sounds interesting and delicious as well! :)


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