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Go Raw! Tips to Achieving Natural Beauty
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Go Raw! Tips to Achieving Natural Beauty

We’ve heard of raw food and its benefits, but there’s also raw make-up that should be filling up your cosmetics box!

  • Less is Raw (and More!)

Why raw beauty is such a good thing is that it’s about purity in products. Cosmetics that are raw have been produced with as little processing as possible, which means that they contain many of the original vitamins and nutrients that were used in their making.

  • Cool Down

When assembled, many skincare and make-up products are often heated. The problem with this is that various active ingredients can become less effective because of the high temperatures. These ingredients include vitamins, exfoliating enzymes and retinols. So what you’re putting on your face is not as helpful to your skin as it should be! Raw beauty, on the other hand, doesn’t heat the formulas to the extent of ruining the ingredients’ efficiency. With all the ingredients being cold extracted and unrefined, it means that the products in which they are found are packed with healthy nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants that can get to work on your face. Unlike other products that are colourful and smell lovely while being filled with chemicals, raw beauty contains less processing and more nutrients that boost the skin’s health.

Beauty Tip: It’s important to look after your make-up products so that they can offer you the most benefits. Always store your skincare serums and creams in a cool place, such as the fridge. Avoid placing them in close proximity to your steamy shower.

  • Skin Care not Harm

Saying 'no' to chemicals in favour of natural ingredients is also part of the raw beauty movement. You want your skin to be cared for, but not by paying the price of injecting your skin and body with harmful toxins. For moisturized and nourished skin, try natural ingredients such as orange blossom, pomegranate and rose. If you want something that is even more penetrating, natural products that contain aloe vera and shea butter work wonders.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Veganara
    Voted. Great blog. What a beautiful pair of eyes in the picture! Are they yours? :-)
  2. Giulia Simolo
    Giulia Simolo
    Thank you, Veganara! No, the eyes are from a sourced pic.:)
  3. gthompson
    Hi, I was so excited to see a post about "natural beauty"! Can you suggest any products that would be natural and healthy for skin? Thanks!
    1. Giulia Simolo
      Giulia Simolo
      Hi there, gthompson! Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the post. My advice would be to do an internet search for organic and vegan products - you'll see that many companies come up. However, go to their websites and go through their skin products, checking all the ingredients of the specific product you wish to buy. Sometimes companies claim to be natural but they have non-vegan ingredients, such as carmine or squalene. So, it's a must to zone in on a product that you're looking for and read through all its ingredients. You might find that some products are vegan, whereas others aren't, even though they are part of the same 'healthy' and 'natural' cosmetics company. Hope this helps. :) xx
  4. organicskin4u
    Superb natural beauty tips. I am always using natural beauty products for my skin care. These products are very helpful to nourish my skin. Thanks for sharing natural beauty tips. I will definately follow these tips.


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