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6 Gluten-Free Vegan Holiday Treats
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6 Gluten-Free Vegan Holiday Treats

My family doesn't go too nuts or very "traditional" during the holidays, but one thing we like to do is make hand made cards for each other and make healthy yummy foods. I also have a potluck to go to this week, and I know I'm expected to make some vegan goodies, so I looked at my list of recipes I've come across over the past couple of years and am thinkin' some macaroons would be a good thing to make, since they are relatively easy and cheap to make a lot of.
My family and I used to go too nuts with the store bought treats, and we'd all end up with a ridiculous amount. For the last couple of years, we've changed our approach and now we each make a special dish or treat for all of us to share. This makes everything healthier and special. 

As I was researching new holiday treat ideas, I noticed that so many vegan holiday recipes were still loaded with sugar, vegan butter, shortening, white flour...etc. As we know, vegan doesn't automatically mean healthier. 

Are there any vegan holiday-type recipes that you make every year? This year I'm making almond cookies (the recipe is here on the Flaming Vegan), raw chocolate truffles and...I'm still deciding on what entrees I'll be making my folks this year. Some of the recipes you guys have been posting look so so good, so they have definitely given me ideas!


One more thing: Has anyone tried the Silk Dairy-Free Eggnog? I just heard about it today. I think other brands make some too, but I haven't tried any. If you have, what do you think of it? I think I've only had actually Eggnog once in my life, but I'm curious to try the dairy-free kind.

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  1. Alec
    Silk's soy nog is pretty darn yummy...tastier than other brand's I've tried. Good hot or cold, with some nutmeg on top. Incredible with some vanilla rum, brandy, or spiced rum :)


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