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Getting Started On Your Own Organic Food Garden
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Getting Started On Your Own Organic Food Garden

The 23rd Annual Spring Garden Show presents a seminar about growing an organic vegetable garden. Carol Carimi Acutt, founder of Urbanfig, lists ten reasons why it is important to have your own “food garden.” Organic food has more nutrients, but lacks the toxic chemicals that store bought vegetables might have. It will save a lot of money for a household, which is important in this slowly deteriorating economy. Your own healthy garden will lack GMOs, which are in many foods in stores. GMOs are now known to damage bodily organs, lower gastrointestinal immunity, promote rapid aging process, and create other problems, such as infertility. The FDA does not require safety studies. Therefore, it is up to society to care about their own health and well-being. Protect your kids, pets and family members from toxic chemicals. It is great for diverse diets, whether you are a vegetarian, vegan, or someone working on losing excess weight. It can be quite addictive. As soon as you grow one vegetable, you will want to add on other vegetables and fruits to create your own healthy meals. There won’t be any pollution because it is all grown in your own yard. As you complete your garden, you will start growing your own herbs, which will further inspire you to cook new recipes. Working in a garden can be meditative, especially if you are living in the city or you have a full-time stressful job. Your garden can be your own private spa, where you can hang out and unwind. And, it will turn into an enjoyable hobby, which will encourage you to join home garden clubs as well as browse through annual spring garden shows to find new ways to decorate as well as further add on to your garden. 

But the first thing you need to do is check out your yard to look for an area that gets at least six hours of sunshine. Choose vegetables, fruits, and herbs that you and your family love. Green vegetables are considered to be much easier to grow. Consider also kale and chard, especially if you live in Southern California. Start by using small pots, especially if you live in an apartment, condominium or townhouse. Plus, small pots are much easier to handle. Use organic soil, specially made for growing fruits and vegetables. There are also organic seeds and seedlings. It is also advisable to only water your garden every four days. It is important to check your garden daily in order to maintain it properly, making sure there aren’t any diseases, pests, harmful insects, or any other problems.

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  1. Still Mind
    Still Mind
    Hi Fifi! Great article! I'm also a big advocate for the home garden. Just doing my part to spread the word around as well. Voted! ^_^
  2. Carolyn
    Thanks for the info on container gardening! Vote #2!


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