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Getting Down to the Tasting at Warrens Bakery
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Getting Down to the Tasting at Warrens Bakery

If there is one classifier of whether a food joint is going to make it or not, it is the food. Even the ambience comes second to the mouth-watering, satiating experience that food can leave you with. This is why, two Cornwall Live reporters decided to head down to Warrens and get down to tasting the new introductions to their menu that had got everyone excited. 

Warrens Bakery - A Vegan Foodie’s Fantasy?

When a new food joint surfaces anywhere, it tends to cause a huge stir, with everyone wanting to check what all the place has to offer. However, for a food place that already has its roots in a given area, the only way to get the place hopping again, is by introducing something insanely unheard of, on the menu, which is precisely what well-known food joint Warrens Bakery, decided to do to shake things up a bit.

Following the increased response to Veganuary, Cornwall’s oldest bakery decided to hitch onto the vegan wagon and introduced a whole new range of pasties that is expected to delight non-meat eaters, across the United Kingdom.

What did Warrens Bakery surprise us with?

 The Vegan Green Thai along with the Vegan Fiery Mexican are the two new additions that have got foodies all over, curious to know more. They were introduced with the intention of providing a tasty, lunchtime snack to the growing vegan population.

Although pasties have always been known for having a fair share of meat or steak in them, this new invention could either make it or break it for the bakery. Cornwall Live reporters Lee Trewhela and Caroline Chick decided to get down to the tasting at Warrens Bakery to find out whether these new introductions to the menu will be another medal in the pocket of Warrens or whether it may be a fall from their high pedestal. 

Getting into the Food

Jason Jobling, the main chef at Warrens Bakery, said that all his pasties are developed with the best ingredients and work well in complementing the different flavours. Each of them provide wholesome, filling meals that are suitable for lunch or even dinner.

The Vegan Thai blends together flavours of the Middle East along with beans, sweetcorn and other pulses to give rise to an unbelievably aromatic dish. On the other hand, for those who love spicy food, the Vegan Fiery Mexican has a combination of chilli, red kidney beans and potato, giving it a zesty, peppery taste, which will definitely appeal to those who love the taste of spicy food.

The Current Scenario

Warrens Bakery has already made a name for itself, having over 50 braches located all over Cornwall, Somerset, Bristol and more. They also have a franchise store that will be inaugurated in Birmingham this month.

Having begun almost two centuries back, this bakery has garnered a heap load of accolades for their tasty, mouth-watering delicacies. Freshly baked, out of the oven, the aroma of their sweets and bakes is enough to get you drooling.

Having received The British Pie Awards in 2016 along with the Pasty Championships that same year, Warrens Bakery has a bright future ahead and it is only when one gets down to the tasting of these new vegan specialities on the menu, that their fate will be decided.

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