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Beyonce Creates a Vegan Meal Delivery Service?
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Beyonce Creates a Vegan Meal Delivery Service?

Singer Beyoncé has decided to start her own vegan meal delivery service called 22 Days Nutrition that is focused on offering 'clean' food and could possibly also assist people with their weight loss goals.

Beyoncé has previously been involved in following a plant-based diet. She decided to go vegan for about three weeks - 22 days - a few years ago. Her meal service is also focused on the 22 days idea, but this is simply because it is a well-known fact that it takes about three weeks to change a bad habit.

If you choose to use the meal service, you can expect to get fresh meals that are never frozen, and every single meal will be gluten-free, soy-free, GMO-free and completely organic. Sounds good.

But what about the price? Although the singer is famous and so you would expect to have to lash out lots of money for the service, there are budget-friendly prices. You can choose to get one, two or three daily meal plans. The meal costs range from between $9.24 to $14.85, depending on how many meals you order every day.

Although a celebrity-based service could help to increase the number of vegans in the world, Beyoncé has not really been an advocate for a vegan lifestyle to date. She has been spotted wearing fur when eating at vegan restaurants and hasn’t really been committed to the vegan diet herself.

Should this matter, though? Does this affect your decision to use her service, or does it not make much difference?

Perhaps the focus should be about choosing a vegan lifestyle and diet for yourself, and using such meal services to help you focus on cleaner eating, if you require them, not necessarily doing it just because Beyoncé or any other celebrity has ‘put their ring on it’.



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  1. Support
    We look forward to reading more about where this goes! Thanks for contributing, Giulia!
  2. Ambere
    I am compassionate about animals, that's why I am VEGAN! I would never use her service, even if it was handed to me on a sliver platter! It goes against everything I stand for.
  3. GBjorg
    Well, actually, the idea of vegan delivery is quite good. It would be great if the delivery covered big areas. And when it comes to online order it's still important to fill your zip code correctly. You can check it here in order not to make mistakes.


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