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 Blue Brain Consulting Assists Non-Profits in Securing $10,000 Per Month Google AdGrants
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Blue Brain Consulting Assists Non-Profits in Securing $10,000 Per Month Google AdGrants

Trying to make a difference in the world? We know about an honest-to-goodness way your non-profit can get a little much-deserved help. We all know that in today's world, if you're not easy to find on the web, your organization can't reach its full potential. 

Since we want to see more non-profits on the rise, the Flaming Vegan staff would like to tell you about one awesome, legitimate way your amazing organization can secure some significant grant funding.

Enter-- Blue Brain Consulting. We know what you're thinking. But the folks at Blue Brain love do-gooders. And they're the real deal when it comes to helping non-profits gain ground on the internet. The best part is-- they can help you secure $10,000 per month with Google AdGrants. They know that you need to get funded to get found. 

Blue Brain assists non-profits in securing $10,000 per month Google AdGrants.

AdGrants is a program that provides approved 501(c)(3) non-profits with $10,000 in free Google AdWords online advertising per month. 

How Can AdGrants Help Your Organization?

Imagine the impact of $10,000 a month in online advertising. You can use the ad credit to build awareness, engage new benefactors, solicit donations, encourage site visits, drive eCommerce transactions, enroll new members, and more.

How Can Blue Brain Help?

First, the awesome team at Blue Brain will work to secure an AdGrant for your non-profit. They'll apply 14 years of knowledge and experience with Google AdWords to apply for the AdGrants on behalf of non-profits at no cost.

If your non-profit is awarded the grant, they'll ask you to partner with Blue Brain Consulting to actively manage the account on a monthly basis (active management of the AdGrants account is a requirement of the grant).

Yup. Blue Brain Works to Secure the Grant. For Free.

Seriously. They apply for the AdGrant on your behalf at no charge — the paperwork is on them! If the folks at Blue Brain successfully secure funding, they ask that you hire them to manage your AdWords account on a monthly basis.

They Manage Your Campaign. 

If your grant is approved, Blue Brain will manage your online ad campaigns (after all, it’s what they do best). And get this-- they offer 50% off the monthly management fee for non-profit partners? Woot!

Your Organization Does Great Things.

The Blue Brain team will work closely with you to implement ad campaigns that stay true to your voice and mission. You’ll quickly see quantifiable results that fulfill specific goals integral to the well-being of your organization. And they'll do all the heavy lifting for you.

Get funded. Get found. Click over to Blue Brain now.




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