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Get Certified in Plant Based Nutrition
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Get Certified in Plant Based Nutrition

A few weeks ago I finished reading the amazing book, The China Study by T. Collin Campbell, PhD. If you haven't read it, run (don't walk) to your local library or bookstore! It fully explains why the Standard American Diet or S.A.D (ironic isn't it?) is slowly killing thousands of people every year. It is backed up by facts and statistics, which come in very handy when you get bombarded with questions from omnivores.

In the back of the book there is a page that directs you to a website where you can take classes to become certified in plant-based nutrition. Heck yes! The website is and the program is based on the nutrition research of T. Colin Campbell. Dr. Campbell has dedicated the better part of his life and career to educating people about the wonderful benefits of a plant-based diet. He has been featured in many documentaries, including the popular Forks Over Knives. He has also followed up The China Study with a book titled Whole:Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, which I have also read. The second book goes deeper into why the public is given myth after myth about the food we eat.

The program offers two types of certificates in plant-based nutrition. You can find both of them here. The one I am personally interested in consists of three courses and is recommended for healthcare and related professionals and the general public. The other is for healthcare professionals who would like to continue their medical education, or CME credits, as well as the general public. Another good thing about the programs is that they are self-paced.

People love hard cold facts. You can tell them that their current diet will kill them and they won't bat an eye, unless a scientist says it's true. Unfortunately, sometimes, even that doesn't stop them. But I know the passion that this topic brings out in people, and it is my belief that the more of us that are equipped with the kind of knowledge this program can offer, the better off we all will be.


You can watch Dr. Campbell on eating animals and health, below.






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  1. Marita Gold
    Marita Gold
    I must read this book.
  2. Veggielicious
    It's so awesome.
  3. deepam
    Thanks for the review dear. Modern lifestyle is making us a slave to advertised fast foods and medicines too.
  4. deepam
    voted and shared


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